Friday 26 May 2023

Enjoying Country Vistas

Friday 24 February  - [catching up]

I had long wanted to attend the annual Killarney Country Show. It always coincided with our visits to PEI. This year it was held in February, so friends Jocelyn and Marlene joined me for the approx 200 km road trip out.

An overcast and unusually, cool, February day made the drive very scenic with the clouds drifting over the ranges and down into the valleys. 

I know the road like the back of my hand and didn't bother to check google maps until we came to a sign that said ROAD CLOSED! I was very disappointed as this was my favourite section of our journey.

The road we were on, continued with bitumen, and as it was a long way back to find another road to take us to Killarney, the decision was made to continue, hoping the road would circle around to our destination.

Alas, only a few k's on we were greeted by a gravel road. Another few k's and some workmen vaguely said, 'Yes, you will get there". It was a marvellous mystery drive, and eventually, we knew exactly where we were and were very happy that the road closed sign, sent us into new territory.

A herd of Hereford Cattle were grazing in an unfenced paddock. We stopped to gaze and take photos. 

We noted that the morning was passing quickly and this field was the perfect spot to have our morning cuppa. [Aussie speak]

Continuing on, the road crossed into the state of New South Wales and then back into Queensland.

LHS - Qld road, border fence and NSW's green pasture.

Back into Queensland. 
Bottom image - the headwaters of the Condamine River. Its waters eventually join the Murray Darling River system to reach the Great Australian Bight, over 3000 km away.

If Joc is shivering, it is definitely a chilly day. 

The Condamine above the Queen Mary Falls.

A 3 km circuit took us below the falls.

A few k's on the water tumbles over Daggs Falls.

Mural in Killarney. It is a country show and we soon discovered that as such it wasn't getting underway until 4pm. We wanted to be well and truly on the way home by then. Next year?

The Tannymorel grain storage shed.

Google map image of the agricultural, Darling Downs area we were driving home through.

We didn't experience the Killarney Show, but it had been a marvellous day in the country.

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  1. Lucky you! BY the way, I'd love to know more about that pickup truck in the second-to-last picture. It has a front end like an International from about 1950, but, like all Australian cars of the 20th century, it seems to be designed to confuse us 'Mercuns'

    1. Bill, I am working on finding you more information re the truck.

  2. Super. I love.
    A wonderful tour... thanks for sharing.
    I was very happy about the photos.
    Many greetings to you from Viola

  3. Quite the drive! Love the mural and the falls. I can’t even imagine it being cold in Australia.

    1. Ha ha. This was February and summer! It was the wind blowing across the valley that made it so chilly for 'us'!

  4. It is so green up your way. Everything is wintery silver around here.

  5. I like how you ladies "saved the day" and it lived up to the saying "it's all about the journey'!

  6. Your "winter" looks so enticing!

    1. Ha, ha. This was actually a summer's day, but I understand where you are coming from.