Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Feeling Blessed

When so many are suffering from this heartless virus, I am so very grateful for the love of my family, neighbours, friends and my good health. Grateful for where I live and the beauty that greets me each day. I am so very thankful for those in the community working tirelessly to stop the spread. My heart breaks for those suffering the disease or through the losss of a loved one.

I hope the joy I am finding in our beautiful Autumn weather and amazing nature will also lift your spirits.

For several weeks now, joy has been found in this colourful corner of my garden.

I found joy in the birth of many, many stick insects. They were so tiny but soooo active. Here are but a few.

This pond always takes my breath away on my daily walk.

The golden glow of the Aussie bush brings a smile to my face.

As does the crystal clear outline of the new moon.

And birds in flight.

I found joy watching the chilly, autumn mists arriving on the pond.

And in the late afternoon, spying a lone pelican gliding across its still surface.

And on another afternoon, he is joined by a mate.

Joining the Hungry Hikers on our now weekly 'Zoom' hike, each in our local area, most certainly lifts my spirits.

And how could I not be elated by this glorious sunrise, when I opened my door to set forth on another early morning walk.

A little later, cloud reflections were admired on the still, Albert River.

Yes, another sunrise, this time over Noyer Park on a misty morning.

And the elation for the morning continued throughout the 8km walk.

Joy, joy, joy!

The Gaiter Girls decided to trial 'Zoom' walks. Such a marvellous way to make contact, whilst doing what we all love, whilst social distancing.

The sky as I started walking.

This local walk took us though acreage estates. Porky Pig didn't stop eating to say hello, even though his mate did.

Following the wonderful rain earlier this year, the flowering gums are looking magnificent, especially against our blue, autumn skies.

Perfect reflections on another section of the Albert River.

Unfortuanately for some, there was a little police drama for several hours, in the vicinity of our home. 

Sad that the cause for my having time on my hands, is this dreadful virus but I'm enjoying the challenge of this incredibly puzzling 'world jigsaw'. Each piece has several images of a specific area. A magnifing glass is definitely required.

There was fun and laughter when joining a birthday party with 'Zoom'. We even played 'Pass the Parcel'.

There's been time for fun and creativity through 'Bin Isolation Outing', the new Aussie craze to lift everyone's spirits. You too can follow on Facebook and join the thousands around the world laughing at our antics. This week Laurel [neighbour] and I were the ghost and witch.

Another craze is to place a bear or soft toy in one's window or garden.

I didn't have a soft toy, but with time and materials on my hands, I have created Scotty, a brother to Stanley, who watches over my courtyard. Scotty now amuses all who pass with his message changing regularly.

And even if nature hadn't lifted my spirts enough, she then put on a grand performance on the eve of the Super Pink, Full Moon.  

Alas, the night of the full moon the sky was totally cloud filled! 

I am glad that the measures put into effect by our Government are having the desired affect. My heartfelt wish is that other countries will see a dramatic turn around in deaths and confirmed cases.

I would love to read your comment.