Thursday 16 February 2023

Happy 10th Birthday!

 Wednesday 15 February

As 2023 dawned, our group were all aware that this marked 10 years of hiking together. I have kept records of each walk and distance since day one, so checked for the date of our very first walk.

Sunday 17 February 2013. A city/river circuit walk, recorded as 6 km.

I sent the group an early reminder to definitely keep 15 February free. 2 weeks prior to the date, I gave them their invitation to re-enact and celebrate our 10th birthday. The photos used were from the first walk.

The route we followed.

We gathered at 5.30 am and climbed the steps onto the bridge. Being a work day, and not a Sunday, the traffic was busy and noisy, even at this hour.

Riverside walkaway

Botanical Gardens

Goodwill Bridge

Jenny and I with the 'tower' background from our first walk.

Kangaroo Point Cliff walkway.

Getting organised.

The menu - mango smoothie, muesli bowls, savoury scrolls, croissants with ham and cheese, and birthday cake.

Jenny, myself and Margot, the founding hikers of 2013.

Relaxing, celebrating and, as always, enjoying one another's company to the max. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the gift of flowers from the group, as a thank you for organising and guiding them during these past ten years. I am the only one in the group with a good sense of direction!

I had taken the 'Walking Bible' with me, and we each had to select our favourite walk of the past ten years, to include in future walks. The coastal walk from Lennox Heads to Ballina was everyone's first choice. Others were Mt Gnun Gnun, Boonah Rail Trail and Twin Falls Circuit. We all agreed that it is really impossible to select the best, as we have never had a bad hike. Sorry, I need to correct that. The Lake Manchester Hike 18km hike of 15 April 2015, got the thumbs down from everyone but me. 

The best!

The worst, says most. Ha, ha - 6 /7!

There was much discussion re how we would celebrate the next ten years. Quite possibly walking with our zimmer frames. We hope not, but as our age range is from 65 to 72, one never knows. We will do our utmost to stay active.

Let the good times continue!

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Saturday 11 February 2023

Back in August

 The final weekend of August 2023, was spent camping in Killarney, SE Queensland. It was a wonderful weekend participating in the Waddle, Saddle, Ride Event.

I wrote about it here but didn't have time to share the post-Waddle activity that we enjoyed or the journey home photos.

The caravan park had its own country identity.

Sale yards were beside the van park, and even though it was the weekend, cattle could be heard being moved from pen to pen. For me, a lovely sound.

We returned to the park about mid-afternoon. Refreshed after a shower and some lunch, we drove through the lovely countryside to the beautiful Queen Mary Falls.

Views on the way.

Accommodation with a fabulous vista near the falls.

Queen Mary Falls - We were able to complete a 4 kilometre circuit walk to the base of the falls.

I had previously visited the above falls on a number of occasions. As we drove back down the mountain, there was time to pull into the viewing point for Dags Falls. What an oversight not to have viewed them before.

The sun was setting as we drove back to Killarney, making for the perfect finale of a magnificent and rewarding day.

5.30 pm sunset colour.

The following morning dawned overcast, and it wasn't long before we were driving in drizzle.  It had been a year of constant rain and the small country council was unable and still is unable to keep road surfaces in repair. 
We drove slowly and enjoyed the Aussie countryside, mist and open spaces. We passed very few other vehicles.

The saying "You can take the girl out of the country,
                     but you can't take the country out of the girl"!  is so very true in my case.

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