Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Finding the Worm Moon

Thursday 17 March 

Thankfully I remembered in time to check the date and time of the full moon, for the month of March. We had had lots of cloudy weather, so I hadn't seen the moon's waxing progress. 

The 98% full moon was to rise at 5.30 pm. I patiently scanned the horizon for nearly half an hour, before it managed to peak out from behind the thick, horizon cloud cover. It was a case of now you see it, now you don't, for a good ten minutes. It was well worth the wait to catch it sitting on the powerlines and in such  breathtaking sunset colours.

I was awake at 5 am the following morning. On peaking outside to a clear skyline, I decided an early walk with the setting moon would be just the thing. I was so right!

Refection on the golf pond at 5.30 am.

View west.

View east.

At this point I have left the golf course and am walking a suburban street.

Last sighting for the morning. 

That afternoon, neighbour Laurel and I sat and waited expectantly, for well over half an hour for the moon's arrival. The cloud cover seemed never ending so we returned inside. I'm sure it was only another 5 minutes before I spotted it rising in its full glory! Too late, dinner was served.

The kookaburras have been calling more often than usual.

These orchids always flower in March. Such happy colours.

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Sunday, 20 March 2022

Scenic Rim Food Gate Trail

 Sunday 13 March

Two or three times a year, a Scenic Rim committee organises a 'city to farm gate, trail' to entice city dwellers to visit and experience all that the countryside can offer. 

The screen shot below, from their advertising, fully explains their endeavours.

A happy group of three joined Jocelyn at 8.30 am for the hour drive south of Brisbane, to our first destination. Jocelyn selected 7 farms to visit out of some 40 or more. These seven farms more than filled our day.

The countryside was a treat after the many inches of rain that fell during February. [28 inches here] We are all country girls at heart, so were thrilled to see the lush pastures. We could see that the streams had reached high levels within their banks, but thankfully these headwaters didn't massively flood the farms.


The route for us.


No 1 - Be All Natural Honey. Delicious!
           Thankfully we bought a coffee and cake here, as we later discovered that the high demand for snacks, saw supplies run out early in the day.

The countryside approaching Towri Sheep Cheeses.

No 2 - Towri Cheese


No 3 - The Overflow Estate Winery

We shared the wine tasting. 
Leanne went to great trouble to give us an equal share.

On the drive to Whites Farm.

No 4 - Whites Farm, pumpkins and avocadoes. We arrived one'ish, only to find that the roadside stall had all but sold out. Fantastic for the farmer.

No 5 - Tommerup's Dairy Farm.
It was a similar story. Our lunch was a delicious ice cream.

Our view whilst devouring our delicious ice cream!

The views nearing Oakey Creek Farm and Harvest Cafe. [sold out]

No 6 - Oakey Creek Farm. Garlic, tummeric, chillies, ginger, limes, salts and rubs. Farm tours.

No 7 - Running Creek Beef


It is not unusual on a country road to have cattle having the right of way! 

Just the best day. 

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