Sunday, 20 March 2022

Scenic Rim Food Gate Trail

 Sunday 13 March

Two or three times a year, a Scenic Rim committee organises a 'city to farm gate, trail' to entice city dwellers to visit and experience all that the countryside can offer. 

The screen shot below, from their advertising, fully explains their endeavours.

A happy group of three joined Jocelyn at 8.30 am for the hour drive south of Brisbane, to our first destination. Jocelyn selected 7 farms to visit out of some 40 or more. These seven farms more than filled our day.

The countryside was a treat after the many inches of rain that fell during February. [28 inches here] We are all country girls at heart, so were thrilled to see the lush pastures. We could see that the streams had reached high levels within their banks, but thankfully these headwaters didn't massively flood the farms.


The route for us.


No 1 - Be All Natural Honey. Delicious!
           Thankfully we bought a coffee and cake here, as we later discovered that the high demand for snacks, saw supplies run out early in the day.

The countryside approaching Towri Sheep Cheeses.

No 2 - Towri Cheese


No 3 - The Overflow Estate Winery

We shared the wine tasting. 
Leanne went to great trouble to give us an equal share.

On the drive to Whites Farm.

No 4 - Whites Farm, pumpkins and avocadoes. We arrived one'ish, only to find that the roadside stall had all but sold out. Fantastic for the farmer.

No 5 - Tommerup's Dairy Farm.
It was a similar story. Our lunch was a delicious ice cream.

Our view whilst devouring our delicious ice cream!

The views nearing Oakey Creek Farm and Harvest Cafe. [sold out]

No 6 - Oakey Creek Farm. Garlic, tummeric, chillies, ginger, limes, salts and rubs. Farm tours.

No 7 - Running Creek Beef


It is not unusual on a country road to have cattle having the right of way! 

Just the best day. 

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  1. This is such a great way to share a day with friends. It's good to see the farmers prosper from this event. I agree "just the best day"!

    1. It was also wonderful to see the land looking so lush and productive.

  2. The countryside fills the soul with beauty. How wonderful that the farmers were sold out of so much produce. Too bad for your group though. There are some interesting looking cattle there, some I’ve never seen for sure. It is good to see some benefit from all that rain in that green countryside.

    We usually accompany the grandkids to farm days here is September every year but the pandemic nixed those plans the last several years. Maybe this year…

    1. Yes, the countryside most surely filled the soul with its beauty.
      Our cattle breedshave evolved to adapt to our heat extremes, drought conditions, ticks and quality of meat.
      I hope you get a farm visit in this year.

  3. What a great idea! Sounds like fun to visit all these unique farms. Pity some farms got sold out of food, but good for the farmers!

    1. It was a wonderful day. Prices are higher, but so is the quality.

  4. Shower clouds, cattle, Volkswagens, a delightful day. Good on ya!

    1. Yes, I was quite impressed with the Volkswagons.

  5. Such fun... and fabulous landscapes! It looks to me that you find in one week more interesting things than I in a year. :)
    Thank you for your comments. I'm happy if you enjoyed the post. I must say the translation by Google didn't look very accurate this time. I'll write more about that later.
    More snow expected here for the next few days. :(
    Have a lovely autumn! :)

    1. Enjoy that fresh fallen snow for me! We are back to heat and humidity and another low is hovering with the potential for another rain deluge. Fingers crossed!

  6. You had me at "food" tour! This sounds like my kind of outing.

  7. I'd love to take you along, KIm!

  8. Shame most of the places had sold out of delicious fresh produce!

  9. Love that relaxed atmosphere that picture gives whilst devouring the ice cream.