Thursday, 24 May 2018

PEI Roundup

Living in the 'Lucky Country', we are in the very fortunate position to be heading back overseas tomorrow night, 24 May. In actual fact, if we hadn't booked and paid for this Danube River Cruise before we were told of the October arrival of Ben, we would most probably be not stepping out of the country, so soon after visiting Prince Edward Island.

We are joining our very good friends, Reg and Laurel, Greg and Jayne on a GateOne Travel, 14 day river cruise, Amsterdam to Budapest.

This is a quick wind up of all the beauty discovered and enjoyed whilst on Prince Edward Island, when not smothering Ben in cuddles and delighting in his heart winning smiles and antics.

No1 has to be the iconic lighthouses of the island.

East Point

West Cape

North Cape


No 2 - Iconic island churches.

No 2B - Iconic island housing styles.

No 3 - Island farmland. A 3-year rotation of potatoes, wheat and fallow plus Friesian dairy herds.

No 4 - never far from the sea, rivers, inlets, lakes and ponds.

No 5 - Harbours and lobster fleets

No 6 - Red sandy beaches, totally deserted in spring.

No 7 - Detailed recycling processes.

No 8 - Bulk Barns. Mind boggling array of products in bulk.

No 9 - late colourful sunsets. [9pm]

No 10 - World famous PEI potatoes and buying the same as fries. Definitely not eaten at the tables provided on this warm 6C, spring day.

No 11 - I have a sneaking suspicion I may have mentioned it before, but to actually witness the arrival of spring, albeit very slowly, was a very special experience for me.

Changes observed in 2 weeks.

I believe this to be a magnolia, one of only 2 spotted. Simply magnificent against the blue sky.

No 12 - Sunshine, 15C but "The Season" still closed. We almost went hungry on this 350 k round trip to North Cape.

No 13 - Endless, incredibly scenic golf courses. This one had only opened 2 days previous.

No 14 - Adirondack chairs.

No 15 - This has to be the all too short, very special time with our wonderful son Stuart, with our wonderful daughter in law Kim and our Grandson Ben, with whom we are totally besotted with.

Ben turned 7 months when we visited.  Visiting from tropical Australia, it was incredible to witness the first time Ben was able to sit on the grass, play with sand and gravel and have his first swing and slippery slide in all that time.

Special, special times.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Hiking the Winter River Trail - PEI

On our second attempt, we managed to find the entrance to this trail,  a mixture of terrain.
Initially through a fir plantation.

Then along a muddy road.

Passed some overflowing drains and ponds.

And into natural forest.

The forest floor and trail was varied.

Winter winds had been harsh.

I loved the areas with a thick carpet of moss.

The ladybirds enjoyed the adventure as well, amongst the lichens, fungus and mushrooms.

The magic and renewal of nature.

Fun with the squirrels.

Finally beside the tidal Winter River.

Nature's havoc.

This brisk walk on a cold, dull day, managed to lift my spirits, finding joy in experiencing a wintery spring walk, in these so very different surroundings.

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