Thursday, 27 May 2021

Another Moon

Wednesday 26 May

Last night's super blood moon and lunar eclipse kind of snuck up on me, but wow, what a special event it was. With mostly clear skies and a relatively warm evening, we were able to sit comfortably, rugged up outside, to enjoy this spectacle of nature.

Moonrise time was 4.47 pm.

Laurel and I were ready and waiting down by the ponds.

The ibis were already roosting in their favourite tree.

We have a horizon of 180 degrees, so we are never quite sure where the moon will appear each month. Finally, a glimpse of a white glow, through the trees to the south east.


At 7pm the penumbral eclipse was sheduled to commence. Alas, our clear sky was now dotted with whispy clouds. These became thicker and thicker until we could hardly see the moon. Thankfully, within 45 mins, these clouds passed on and the sky was clear again for watching the eclipse.

Happiness is ...................  lying on your back, watching the moon with your best friend!

My eclipse shots taken with my Sony point and shoot, with 30 x zoom lens.

10pm - naked eye and zoom shot after the full ecipse. There is a white dot in the centre!

The following morning I was well and truely due for a sleep in, after a very busy few days. Thankfully my body thought otherwise. Consequently I discovered that the moon was still up, but low in the sky. I quickly dressed and drove a couple of kilometres to an open field.

This is the view which greeted me, as I turned down a narrow road to the field. 

This is the view when I parked, and looked west, to find the moon. I momentarily spotted it before the clouds enveloped it. Had it not been cloudy, I was positioned to snap the moon hanging from the light post.

Turning north east, I was wowed by the molten sunrise colours, for a good half hour.

Due east

The weather radar 'golf ball', atop Stapleton Hill.

Turning to leave, I couldn't resist the reflection on the car windows.

Back at the road's entry point, I now enjoyed the softness of the dawn and birdlife on the pond.

Last week a friend sent me an email with a link to creative moon rise shots, set to music. This prompted me to create my own. 
I had seen something similar 10 years ago and became a little more creative when photographing the moon. The first few images are the ones I had seen 10 years ago. Technology and I are not the best of friends, but I am delighted with my video.  To be able to post it here, I had to downsize the resolution and quality.

My happiness metre is on overload at present, but I am not complaining. Nature is truly uplifting and awe inspiring!

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Friday, 21 May 2021

The Ever Changing Colours of Sunrise and Sunset

 April 26 to 29 th

Views whilst camping at Moogerah Dam.

Monday afternoon - an unpromising start to sunset.

This photographer had more hope for a spectacular sunset than we had. He had tramped quite a distance across a field, to set up on the lake edge.

Our sunset spirits lifted at this point.

And we were in awe for the next half hour.

Spot the 'cloud' star.

Tuesday 5.30 am, I was up ready to watch the near full moon set over the Great Dividing Range. I was greeted by clear skies and, after last evenings cloudy sky, I was thrilled to find no cloud as I stepped out of the van. 
This thrill soon turned to disappointment. The moon had already sunk below the horizon. I checked my times again, but can only think that the range hid the moon sooner than suggested. Never mind, looking to the east, first light was brushing the skyline.

First light in the east.

First light in the west.

Mist, dancing on the lake, now added magic to the morning.

Colours began to change in the west.

The dawn of a new exciting day.

The day is underway. Mt Edwards awaits to be climbed.

Tuesday afternoon we were a little slow to visit the shoreline for sunset. 
[after a very busy day with our friends, climbing Mt Edwards] 

We had to hurry, not to miss these lovely muted colours.

Wednesday morning we were too busy watching the moon slowly sink in the west, to catch the sun actually rising. 
[As in previous post]

The afternoon's sunset was  a short, colourful spectacle.

Sunrise Thursday, fiery in the east and pink in the west.

Sadly it was now time to pack up and head for home. We left this beautiful setting behind, but the sunrises and sunsets at this time of year, wherever I am, continue to leave me spell bound.

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