Thursday, 29 July 2021

From Mountain to Sea

A momentous, busy week ! So little time for blogging. 

Monday saw the Gaiter Girls ascending Mt Maroon, a very steep, nearly 600m elevation gain. It was a climb I have wondered if I was capable of, for quite sometime.

I now have the answer. Yes! 

I will write more fully in a later post, but for now, know that the weather was perfect, the sky brillant and the views sensational the higher we went. Six hours return and endless rock scrambling. I was eurphoric! Alas, my legs have complained ever since. Definitely worth every aching muscle!

Wednesday the Hungry Hikers took pity on me, and we completed a leisurely bayside walk of 14 km. We were blessed with yet another blue sky, winter's day. It was a joy to be walking.

The photo story books I have been creating for my grandchildren arrived this week. My hiking friends have given them their seal of approval.

Tomorrow, two friends share a birthday. I have just completed creating  their cake to take on our picnic lunch.

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Thursday, 22 July 2021

And the Winner is ............................?

 Wednesday 21st July

A group of friends and I decided to be present at Southbank for the announcement from Tokyo, of the 2023 Olympic Games host city. Sitting in the parkland near  Southbank's big screen from 4 pm, we watched the excitement mount, even though it was almost a given, that Brisbane would win. The backdrop of the Brisbane River and the city was perfect for the celebrations that followed when Brisbane won.

An early scene of the river, as the firework barges got into position.

The event extended over 4 hours and so we took a picnic to keep the hunger away. Little did we know that this would make us the centre of attention of the media. At least 9 different sources filmed and interviewed us. Our group was seen cheering on the ABC news and three of us had our short interviews aired. 

Ch 2 interviewer.

Photo taken for us by the cameraman.

Screen shot taken from the ABC news video.

A little later, after some rehearsal.

The ABC returned after the announcement.

This excited woman was sitting in front of us, so our legs appeared quite often in the media.

It was a chilly, windy day. Unusual for Brisbane, the temperature was only 13 C. Thankfuly we were sheltered from the wind. The sunset colours were rather lovely.

Our Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, delivering the final presentation to the Olympic committee. We were all impressed with the manner in which she presented our bid.

Getting colder and the crowds were building, as the 6.30 announcement time drew closer.

Brisbane is announced the winner! Let the fireworks begin.

Soon all the city bridges were bathed in the green and gold of our olympic colours. 

The announcement here quickly spread around the world.

We have a wonderful and friendly city, I can only hope that these games will build on that. Sydney excelled in 2000. I'm sure Brisbane can do the same and better. Much of the infrastructure is already in place.

Congratulations Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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Monday, 19 July 2021

Exploring Queensland

 Our good friends and neighbours spent the month of June travelling through our state of Queensland. Laurel has just posted their adventure on her blog Strikedonia. She writes beautifully and her photos have captured the vast beauty of the west, along with all its history, both old and new. 

I've just completed reading it and decided to share it here. Get a cuppa or a glass of wine  to relax with, as to fully enjoy the read, it will take you about an hour.  The post is in several stages. When you click on the link below, the post is a synopsis of their wonderful month. To continue reading you have to click on each link in the first paragraph. It may sound complicated, but it is definitely worth the time.

Happy reading!

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Saturday, 10 July 2021

A Walk in the Countryside

Wednesday 7 July

The Hungry Hikers had a 2 hour journey to the small town of Moore, their destination for this week's hike. Coffee, with toasted pear and walnut bread, was enjoyed before we set off along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, to Linville. 

Each winter we try to tick off another section of this lovely trail. The morning was foggy and chilly, [7C] but perfect for walking and enjoying the rural vistas, animals and country aromas. It was wonderful to see the countryside recovering from the drought of twelve months ago.

The walk.

The engine sculpture was a clever way to direct us to the Linville 'line'.



Brisbane River

Once the fog burnt off, fluffy clouds filled the sky in wonderful, ever changing patterns.

  Linville - 7km done!                                                                                                               

Linville station                                                                                                                       

The Linville Hotel
The stag head logo of the hotel, alludes to the deer to be found roaming the district. In 1873, Queen Victoria sent a gift of 'six splendid red deer' to Queensland, to celebrate the formation of the state of Queensland. 

The countryside.

The animals.

The return - 14 km all told.
Moore Station

A brilliant Trumpet Vine. [Sth American,  Pyrostegia venusta] 
This vine always makes a splash of golden colour, throughout our winter.                             

There was a scattered number of cyclists on the trail, but none rode a bike that matched this classic, which was on display at the Linville Hotel.

A brilliant day!

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