Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The Year of 2020

A year, that for so many, has brought only heart break and hardship. As I scrolled through my photo library for this year, I was again overwhelmed with gratitude that Covid19 had so little impact on my daily life. Each and every week my images are of the happiness and beauty that has surrounded me.

My random choices. 

January - the drive to O'Reillys
Our icon Australians, thankfully waiting for us to pass before they crossed the road, as we travelled to O'Reillys for a quite spectacular day of hiking. Foggy skies and hot air balloons greeted us on the early morning drive. Lush rainforest, waterfalls, blue lamington crayfish and the odd snake or two, basking in the sun, made the day special.

February - Mt Glorious hike
Here we are enjoying the view back to Brisbane, comptemplating the magic of the rain that had broken the drought and doused the bushfires.

March was a month of unusual butterfly activity. Unusual in their numbers and for actually resting long enough for me to get a photo.

There have been some spectacular sunrises during the year, but none more so than on this morning, as I set off on my daily walk.

Our winter skies are often wispy and dreamy. They fill me with awe.

Late June, we no longer had to walk solo. Three of us went on the great 'resin' hunt, in a local Conservation Park. On this day the aromas and 'greens' of our Aussie bush were remarkable.

An iconic river scene at Goondiwindi, as four friends and a small car, headed west to explore 'The Outback' of Western Queensland.

Hiking the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - 16 km between Harlin and Toogoolawah.

Sunset at the Pyramid, Girraween National Park.

A chance sighting of the Harlequin Bug, on an early norning hike of Mt Cotton.

November - Box Circuit hike
Return to the rainforest at O'Reillys, Lamington National Park, a day of wonder at  nature's tenacity and age. Giant trees held us spellbound.

December - Brisbane from Kangaroo Point Cliffs
A very special, 6 am misty view. My brother was down from north Queensland, to be with his wife who had had a major operation the previous day. It was a glorious morning to be out walking, and on our arrival at the hospital soon after, we found Michelle making a marvellous recovery. 

As 2020 draws to a close, I am filled with hope that the vaccines will go a long way to making the world a safer, healthier environment for all. 

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

By Popular Request

 Tuesday 22 December

Scotty and Stanlietta returned to our footpath on December 1, to bring Christmas cheer to our street. Their debut was in April, during lockdown. 


Their presence on the street has been limited due to the deluge of rain falling mid December. They have often been keeping us company.

This was to be a short post wishing one and all the happiest Christmas possible in these incredibly difficult circumstances for so many. However, the Gaiter Girls chose to have a beach walk and Christmas drink last night. The beach scene that greeted us was not the crystal blue, sky and sea as expected, but a misty, very warm, slightly eerie scene. I just had to share.

The Temperature during the day had reached a very humid 34C. A heavy tropical shower was falling as  we joined  the slow moving traffic on the M1. We wondered if we should make a very early retreat. Thankfully, we continued on leaving the rain behind. A most wonderful evening ensued. 

One doesn't realise just how much one misses the sea, until one returns. [I hope that makes sense.] It was just sheer bliss to walk along the shoreline, [after 5.30pm] paddling in the water and watching the never ending waves, gently on this occasion, crest, cascade and then caress the beach. The atmospheric conditions of the day, coupled with the salt spray, made for these unusual views. 



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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Visiting Toowoomba's Art Trail

Thursday 12 November

On this day, the Hungry Hikers chose to visit Toowoomba, atop the western slopes of the Great Dividing range, 700 metres above sea level. Just less than 2 hours from Brisbane, it is Queensland's largest regional city and always a joy to visit for its Carnival of Flowers festival in September.  Our visit on this occasion was to explore Toowoomba's Street Art Trail. Spring was still very much in evidence and we realised that there was just so much to enjoy that we should return on another occasion to explore its old buildings, museums, art galleries and the special ambiance of a country town.

If only I had a memory to remember the symbolism of this piece. I know we were impressed. Google won't help me either.


Street art has been evolving in Toowoomba since 2014 when local, and world class artists, put paint to walls at 16 locations over three days, in the First Coat Street Art Festival. There are now over 55 pieces and we will have to return to see them all.

The smallest found, depicting the local cinema.

A surprise was around almost every corner. Enjoy. We did.

One of my favourites. The joy in the face of the little girl is a delight to witness.

The winner for me. As you walked passed, the child's expression changed dramactically. We were mesmerised. It was hard to leave.

A day out with the ladies is always filled with laughter and nonsense.

A late take away lunch in the cities Botanical Gardens, and then home, feeling elated from all we had experienced walking Toowoomba's wonderful streets.

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