Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hiking with Cousin John.

Wednesday 17 August, 7.30pm saw Frank and I flying from the Gold Coast airport to Perth, for a month of exploring the SW of Western Australia and catching up with Frank's mate Pete and my cousin John. It had taken me 30 years to convince Frank that we should visit this distant corner of Australia. The very cheap Jetstar flight I found, finally sealed the deal.


The evening we departed was full moon. This was an amazing opportunity to watch the moon rise over the Pacific Ocean and set over the Indian.



Clouds hovered as the moon set and the day dawned, but it wasn't long until we were beneath crisp, cool, winter skies. As summer had overtaken spring in Mt Warren Park long before our departure, I delighted in the weather conditions. This amazing start to our holiday was reflected throughout our visit and our final days of activity were equally amazing.

On our second last day in Perth, Frank decided to relax and let John and I hike in the Perth hills without him. We drove to the Wandoo Heights Nature Reserve to explore the Susannah Brook area. We were welcomed by the splendour of the golden wattle and a far wider and deeper brook than expected.

Let the adventure begin!

John kindly tested the waters. Then I followed. A tad chilly!

The track varied from vehicle width, to overgrown and non existent.

We were never far from the swollen, rushing brook.

At times the track was inundated with run off. 

The wildflowers weren't brilliant in colour, but they continued to stun with their size, shape, grip on rock and endless varieties. The red Kangaroo Paw was stunning amidst the green.


Our lunch stop gave us time to relax and truly appreciate nature's handiwork.

On our return journey we just couldn't ignore these logs begging us to cross them. I crawled over, but gained enough confidence to walk upright on return. 

A ring necked parrot and a nesting galah were spotted.

The following are shots of my favourite reach of the beautiful Susannah Brook. Hard to imagine that come November it will be not be running and its surrounds brown, dry and dusty for the best part of the following 7 months.

Just as we returned to our car, I spotted this inquisitive roo looking as if to say hello. A perfect end to a perfect hike.

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