Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Boardwalk, Indian Head and Seacow Head Lighthouses

 Wednesday 22 June

It was wonderful to meet our new Prince Edward Island friends one more time, before our departure to Australia, this week. Marie and Rick organised perfect weather for our visit to Summerside and its very scenic, foreshore boardwalk, before we drove to Indian Head Lighthouse, on the opposite side of the harbour.

We met in the carpark on Mackenzie Drive and walked west, visiting the Conservation Duck Pond Area and enjoying the beauty of the Arcadian Forest and its little critters.

View back to Summerside.

Across Bedeque Bay to Indian Head Lighthouse.

The upper image of the two below was taken after Marie mentioned that Seacow Head Lighthouse, next on our agenda, was beyond this point. On downloading my images I was surprised to find the spans of the Confederation Bridge looming in the far distance. By road, a good 25 kilometres away.

At the pond, we watched a kingfisher diving, ducks swimming and saw several bluejays flitting from tree to tree. As we walked, squirrels and chipmunks popped out of the forest and said a friendly hello. I loved all the feeding houses created for them.

Indian Head Lighthouse

Views of the foreshore to the right, from where we viewed the Indian Head Lighthouse.

The menfolk are in fine conversation and Marie and I are in sync with enjoying our photography and love of nature.

Looking south, the lupins were a stunning splash of colour above the red eroded cliffs.

The day was moving on far too quickly, so we tore ourselves away from this glorious setting to find the charm of Seacow Head Lighthouse at Fernwood.

View on our approach.

still distant Confederation Bridge.

Panorama shot of the 12 kilometre bridge.

Zooming in to the bridge and Nova Scotia.

An absolutely wonderful day, with our goodbyes said, knowing we would explore together again next year.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Our Day with Marie - Part Two

 On this lovely second catch-up with Marie and her husband Rick, we spent the morning at French River and New London Bay, watching the lobster boats returning from their morning at sea. A lovely drive through open, lush green farmland stretching to the coastline, then took us to Cabot Beach for a delicious picnic lunch. 

I highly recommend Marie's recipe for her rhubarb cake. [Oma's Rhubarb Cake from Allrecipes.]

Cabot Beach

Retracing our route a little, we then arrived at Branders Pond and the lovely wide red sandy beach that its waters flow across.

This is the scene that greeted us as we drove down to the carpark.

It is just so special that through the world of blogging, I have formed this friendship with Marie and we are like-minded in so many things. The display of lupins was beckoning me to walk back up the road. I think we took that first step upwards at the same time and had a wonderful time discussing and enjoying their sensational colours and beauty, while our husbands waited patiently.

The beach was begging to be appreciated too, so we slowly retraced our steps and entered the world of lapping waves, red sand, eroded cliff faces and one very impressive sea stack.

Which will collapse first, the sea stack or the outdoor setting?

Looking west, in the opposite direction.

Farewell to a beautiful beach and a wonderful day!

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