Sunday, 12 June 2022

Potatoes, Bottles, a Lighthouse and a Walk

 The first week of June.

So many wonderful things happening, each and every day. Harbourside walks, birthday celebrations, evenings and weekends spent with our family. All the while I am thrilled to spot more evidence of Spring's arrival.

Lily of the Valley

The rhododendrons bursting into bloom.

Birds chirping.

Potato planting in full swing, right across the island.

Lovely vistas wherever we drive.

A donation only is needed to visit the Hannah's Bottle Village. We hope to bring the Grandies back.

Prim Point Lighthouse, one of 61 on the island.

Coffee view over the Hunter River, before our walk.

Post walk view on the opposite bank from our morning coffee.

This beautiful covered bridge is private property and I have been unable to find anything of its history.

Hunter River Confederation Trail - an enchanting 9km return walk. The arrival of Spring had been officially announced on the weather news the previous evening and on this lovely walk, I had to totally agree.  Mind you, the next day was the complete opposite.
There was warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. The fields of gold were now fields of white. Most trees were adorned in their vibrant green foliage. The blossoming apple trees were a buzz with bees and chirping birds were heard but rarely seen. The trail meandered through lush forest and beside newly ploughed fields of rich red soil or beside glistening fields of green, waiting to be cut for hay. Sheer bliss!

The walk

This little fellow wouldn't let me back up the steps. I think he must have been quite young.

Spot the Hunter River.

Many trees are late / slower to unfurl their leaves.

A mosaic of greens.

At this point, we are 150 km from the start and finish of the Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island.

Turn round point.

Nature's frame of a lovely vista.

Apple blossom.

Thankfully the black flies were only interested in reading the signage and left us in peace, on this beautiful walk.

Trail end for us, feeling quite blissed out!

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  1. That's a gorgeous lighthouse, and a lovely coffee view!

  2. I love finding out something new from your post about the island, Helen. I am not familiar with the Bottle Village. I will have to fix that!

    Hope to see you later this week, if the stars align.

  3. Looks like you are having a marvelous time visiting your son! Thanks for sharing all your photos.

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos of this beautiful island Helen.