Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Coomera Circuit

Wednesday 10 February

I had walked this wonderful, 18 km circuit  with my more agile Gaiter Girl group previously. Although long, the gradient of the trail was very manageable. It was to be well over 12 months before I was able to organise the Hungry Hikers to join me at Binna Burra, the trail's starting point.

The very generous and kind Leanne, who loves cooking, had been up very early and prepared delicious bircher museli and  cornbread, warm enough to spread with butter, to energise us for the day's hike.

We were on trail by 8.30 am. The first 6 kms wind gently down to the Coomera Gorge and falls, beneath a canopy of ancient towering trees.

First view of the falls.

Coomera Gorge and falls.

Spot these beautiful tree ferns in the photo above.

In a small area near the falls view point, these ground orchids were putting on a snowy white display.

Leaving the view point, the trail narrowed and dropped steeply to the creek below. Waterfalls were cascading down mossy cliffs on the opposite bank. For roughly the next 6 km, we were accompanied by the sounds and beauty of this creek making its way down to the gorge. 

Fourteen creek crossings had to be negotiated.

And just to add to the fun, a snapped tree trunk.

Lunch spots were found where we could cool our feet.

This trail section had a variety of fungi and moss.

A bench had been strategically been placed at this viewpoint of the Nunimbah Valley.

The trail map had said 18 km but our various distance trackers suggested 21km. A long but successful day and the group are still my friends. 

Laurel had just had a birthday which Leanne acknowledged with these super delicious cup cakes. A wonderful finale to this incredibly beautiful day.

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Thursday, 18 February 2021

The Beauty of Sunrise and Sunset

Coolum Beach, 2nd to 5th February

 Our Coolum Beach campsite was just 50m from the water's edge. Just perfect to wake, dress and stroll down to enjoy the dawn light. The peace and serenity we experienced each morning filled me with overflowing joy. I wanted to dance and to sing. The ever changing light, reflections and ebbing and flowing of the waves was mesmerising. 

My photos don't even begin to do it justice, but they do hint at how wonderful it was.

Dawn, day 2.

Dawn, day 3.

Dawn, day 4 with its many moods. 
Thankfully the rain passed well to the north.



Summer Creek changed its outflow overnight.

Coastal walk day 3.

Sunset, day 3. 
On the previous afternoons it was too overcast and windy to sit on the beach.
On our final afternoon, the beach conditions beckoned us. We did not want to leave. 

The fading sun's rays caught the crashing waves, highlighting the spray.

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