Monday 15 April 2024

A Perfect Morning

Wednesday April 10.

Crisp, clear, stunning blue skies have finally arrived with cooler temperatures, leading into our winter.
Notice, I don't use the term autumn. Noone here does. We are complaining that the days are shorter but loving the absence of humidity. 

During this week, I changed my daily route to include Mt Warren Hill, in preparation for Sunday's climb of Mt Maroon. The images below would have been taken from about 6.30 am on. Not an autumn tree to be seen.

A clear view of Brisbane's skyline. [approx 40 km away.]

Mt Tamborine in the distance, where we often take rainforest/waterfall walks.

A 'green' street, just below the ridge I had walked.

Mt Warren Boulevade.

Yvonne Street, which I normally walk down to get to the oval.

View from the Boulevade down to the Albert River.

A stunning Leopard Tree against the blue sky.

These grasses always thrill me in the morning sunlight, with a gentle breeze blowing.

After a summer of rain, any open field/meadow is totally overgrown with tall grasses and weeds.

The only sign of autumn - the frangipani losing its leaves.

The wattle are in bud.

Wattle and yellow Alamanda vine.

As winter arrives, the roses and annuals finish, but there is still plenty of colour to be seen in our gardens.

Gorgeous flowering gum or eucalpytus.

Ixora plants - small, top L, mine. Top R a massive specimen.

The bougainvilleas are always showy. Sometimes contained. Often left to their wild devices.

These shrubs on the edge of a garden, were a haven for several Fairy Wrens. I was so glad I had my camera with me. I'd hoped to spot a koala on the ridge.

Throughout this walk of 7 kilometres, I was often greeted by the sweet scent of the Mock Orange shrub. 

I loved the seeds of this unnamed tree.

More colour.

My garden looking lovely on this wonderful blue sky day.

So, this is how autumn looks in the sub tropics. It was the most beautiful morning to be out walking.

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Monday 8 April 2024

A Relaxing Week

Tuesday 2 April - Monday 8 April

Strangely, there was no walking on Monday.

Setting off for a Gaiter Girl walk at 6 am Tuesday, the sky was aglow with this wonderful sunrise.

There was only Janice and me. Janice had found a new local conservation park to explore. As we drove the final 500 metres to the entrance, wallabies were feeding by the side of the road, but they quickly scarpered when they heard our car approaching. It was a beautiful morning for walking this undulating, bushy trail.

From a distance, the trunk of this eucalypt looked like an elephant's thick leg.

7 km completed, we drove back to Janice's for a cuppa and to admire the colour in her garden. The purple is an unnamed creeper.

Back at No 16, my home, I am enjoying the white orchids given to my parents for their 50 th wedding anniversary in 1998. It rarely flowers. The golden bromeliad is also slow to flower. First time in at least 5 years.

6 am Wednesday and the sunrise is equally beautiful.

The Hungry Hikers also found a new area to explore this week, just 20 mins down the road from No 16. A suburban area that has been developed over the last 10 years, just off the M1 to the Gold Coast. Another good mix of housing and green space.
Starting point - picninc grounds, sports fields and an excerise circuit.

Magpie geese.

Thursday didn't dawn brightly and over 28 ml fell during the day.

Friday continued to be wet. It is our friend Penny's birthday on the 15th. Our special friendship group from the late 90's, [The Pigs] organised a surprise lunch for her. Penny thought she was just coming to a Pink, Purple or P, themed lunch. You can see her surprise. It was also an occasion where we recalled our special memories of our dear friend Robyn, who had very sadly passed away several weeks previously.

Jayne and I painted these rocks as place setting markers.

And for this gift for Penny. 

The rain continued Saturday morning and I thoroughly enjoyed sloshing through all the water logged paths. The temperature is still in the high twenties, so a fun 6 km was enjoyed.

Sunset in the west and east, Sunday evening.

A soft sunrise Monday, as I set off for my local walk.

I just managed to snap this cutie, before he bounded off into the distance.

The fog was lifting to greet a sunny day.

With all the rainy weather, fungi of every shape and size are popping up everywhere. I just love these two.

It had been a relaxing, but busy week. Any time in nature, lifting my spirits.

This morning, I received news that has me wanting to jump over the moon. My brother had a series of Xrays and scans last Thursday for his C-cell Lymphoma. Before he started his 2nd last chemo today, the specialist was able to tell him that he is now in remission. Just the very best news!

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