Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Surviving Coronavirus with the Scarecrow Family of No 16.

Soon after our lockdown, with a daily walk permissible, bears and stuffed toys began appearing in gardens and windows of homes. I gather that this wasn't just an Australian event.

Not having a stuffed toy to place in our garden, and with time on my hands, I decided to make a paper mache head for a scarecrow. Several years ago Stanley was created for my side courtyard, so this new addition was named Scotty. My husband very thoughtfully created a stand to keep Scotty from falling over.

On the 13 April, Scotty began waving to the young and old, now regularly passing our doorstep on their daily excerise. He hoped he lifted the spirits of the walkers with his quotes, that changed every few days initially and then daily, as he became braver.

Scotty's days weren't without incident.

My lovely friend Janice passed on her daily outing and took this selfie, which she posted to me.

On another day, a cucumber was delivered.

It was a tad windy on this day and that's when Frank came to the rescue.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a bottle of wine had been left. Alas, it was empty.

Suddenly Easter was upon us.



Now it was time for Stanley to join us.

And when it rains, you have to head for shelter under the eaves of the garage.

Anzac Day then approached on the 25th April.

"Anzac Day is the day all Australians come together in remembrance. But this year we'll have to come together in spirit, instead of in person.
We can still keep the Anzac spirit alive and honour our veterans and service members from the safety of our own homes."

Anzac Day evolved from when the Australian troops landed at dawn, at Gallipoli, in WW1. Memorial services are held at dawn and 11am.

This year we were asked to light a candle and stand on our footpath for the 6am radio broadcast from the War Memorial in Canberra. My neighbour, Laurel and I, stood outside from 5.30. There was just a hint of dawn. It was incredibly moving to watch neighbours silently appear at different times until
When the radio broadcast concluded with the Last Post, we greeted one another from a social distance. I distributed the traditional Anzac biscuits I had made. We then remembered that rum and milk was a tradition for the returned servicemen, when they returned to the Service Clubs after their Dawn services, conducted at the Cenotaph.
We decided to honour their tradition. 

5.34 am

5.48 am

5.55 am


A couple of days after Anzac day, it was announced that families would be able to drive up to 50km for recreation. Stanley and Scotty were excited to have the new members of their family join them and begin the count down to Saturday.
Laurel had placed her signature bear in the footpath tree and this made me recall that I also had my Father's 80th birthday signature bear stowed safely in a draw.

Saturday dawned windy and chilly, but the family were happy to picnic in the sun.

' Hooray! We won't travel more than 50km. Only family. We will use sanitiser and stay socially distanced.'

'Brrrr! Shame about the chilly wind!'

Monday 4 May was Labour Day.

" Labour Day                                                                  
All marches cancelled                                                                                                                                Health and safety come 1st!"                                                                                                                       
 "129 years ago, the 8 hour week was won.
Thank you to our health workers, firies,  
teachers and all others working long days !"  

'Great news for Home Schooling parents. All classes back by May 25!'

'Meanwhile kids, Read, read, read and be kind to your Mum and Dad'

Great news for Home Schooling parents. All classes back by May 25!

Meanwhile kids, ask Mum if she has time to cook with you..
That's maths and science.

'Great news for Home Schooling parents. All classes back by May 25!'

'Kids make sure you have fun. Throw, bounce, kick a ball, play games, enjoy the fresh air.'

The relaxation of the 50 km  driving limit, plus socially distanced family groups of 10, was very welcome for celebrating Mother's Day

Monday 11 May, saw Preps, Year one and years 11 and 12 returning to the classroom.

'What a strange day for them. Their sibblings at home and a very empty school.'

'Why did the Teddy Bear say no to dessert?' [Because he was stuffed]

'Why did the biscuit go to hospital?' [He was feeling crummy]

'We are listening to the birds singing. How many can you hear?'
'We are so very grateful to all those working hard to keep us free from corona!'
'It's Friday! We are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.'

MPS Awareness Day. 
Sadly, a very good friend's Grandson was born with MPS, 8 years ago.

We love you Mackenzie!

"We've come a long way together. There's still a long way to go!'
'It's up to all of us to social distance, sanitize and stay at home if unwell!
Have a swinging good time this weekend but BE SAFE!

When you can't find sunshine, Be the sunshine, especially on a rainy morning and you have to take cover.

Big smiles after lunch.

'Today you are you, That is truer than true!
'There is noone alive Who is you'er than you! Dr Seuss.'
A child has a special way of adding joy to every day!

'Noone is perfect. That's why pencils have erasers.'
'You are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.'

'Hi friends young and old. The kids are back to school next week. They will miss you.'
'They wondered if you would like to write them a note and pop it in their mailbox.'
'We have loved you stopping by. Thanks for your smiles and laughter.' 

During the couple of months that 'The Family' have spent saying hello on the footpath, I have regularly heard people, young and old, commenting. Many cars backed up to read and I noticed that some cars regularly stopped. On numerous occasions, as I watered the garden, passerbys would thank me and say how much it brightened their day. Working at my desk, I would hear young children approaching and asking their parents, "what do you think they will be doing today?". There was aways laughter and discussion of what the quotes meant. 
It was also brought to my notice that our sitting member had posted the 'Kids cooking' on his Facebook page.

"Good morning everyone. I hope this photo can put a smile on your face. A Mount Warren Park resident [Not me] sent this to me and apparently it changes almost every day."

One of my friends suggested I leave a book out for people to sign, but that wasn't possible because of pen sharing, hence my coming up with the idea for 'The Kids Mailbox'. It was put out just for the weekend before all classes in our schools were open.

There was only one response, but it brought me great joy.

The following day it was chilly! In fact the coldest May day in Brisbane since 1922.

Since the kids went back to school Scotty chose to be by himself on the footpath and just has a weekly quote.

During Lockdown, Scotty and Stanley have also had another role, starring in video productions for 'Bin Isolation Outings'. Perhaps you may not know of it. 

Late April, an Australian, Danielle Askew, created the Facebook page with this message.
 "So basically the bin goes out more than us SO let’s dress up for the occasion! Fancy dress, makeup, tutu... be creative! Post photos to cheer us up 😝 after all laughter is the best medicine."

Members now total over 1 million. The creativity of so many has brought laughter to those in Lockdown, right around the world. Laurel, my neighbour, has endless ideas and we post a new video each bin day. The fame is all Laurel's. I just do as I am told but we have lots of fun.

And finally, a photo of myself, which I particularly like, taken by my long time friend Jocelyn, on another damp day.

I would love to read your comment.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Waiting For the Moon

May 6 and 7.


We had been having perfect, clear blue, sky days and evenings. On this evening, that the moon was to be 98% full, dark clouds hid the horizon. It was nearly an hour after the moon rise time of 4.12pm, that it finally appeared. 
I spent the time playing with my camera settings, to snap various items of interest in my view. A clear image of the caterpillars devouring my lovely pink Pentas bush, was difficult to achieve, with my point and shoot Sony DSC-HX90V.

The weather, radar 'golf' ball, 5km from our home.

An ant trying to reach the clouds. Well so I thought. It was just a tiny scrap of grass.

Bouganvillea in the neighbour's yard.

A metal sculpture made of railway tools, created by my brother.

Potential beautiful butterflies.

Really looking for the moon!

An hour late! Can you spot it, plus the 'Old Man of the Moon' taking a rest?

It flitted in and out of the clouds.


It had been another lovely clear day, until late afternoon. The moon was due to appear at 5.13pm, but again the horizon was filled with clouds. On this afternoon, as golfing had ceased, I was able to walk the short distance to the ponds. My spirits soared as the sky was filled with ever changing sunset colours. A wondrous, magical hour was spent turning from east to west and back again!

It didn't matter then, that the moon only briefly shared its light.

Friday 8 May.

Moonset was at 6.50 am. At 6 am, my friend Mary and I set off on our daily walk. Our pace quickened, when we realised that the moon was sinking rapidly behind the local hill, 40 minutes early. We just managed to reach this open view, to snap these few images, before it sank below the horizon.

Our walk continued west, but we looked east often, to catch the sunrise.

Our destination on this day, was to top of Brosnahan Court. A very steep climb, offering 180 degree views.

Halfway up, the sun's rays brightened the skyline.

At the top, one Granny posed for her Grandson in Canada.

Not puffed at all?

Retracing our steps.

Saturday 9 May

Friday evening the moon didn't show its face at all. Saturday morning saw Laurel and I walking early and we enjoyed watching it play games, as it dropped towards the horizon.

Goodbye 'Flower Moon'. You have been quite spectacular when I have been able to find you.

Corona restrictions are easing here in Australia. There have been 7 019 cases.   
6 337 have recovered with 98 deaths and 37 new cases in the past 24 hours.. We can now travel up to 150 km for day trips and recreational purposes. Five visitors to households. Ten in gatherings outside. Pools, parks, libraries, retail shops, restaurants can open but must meet social distancing and the maximum of ten.

We are warned that there will be a 2nd and 3rd wave of corona, especially if we don't observe social distancing and strict cleanliness guidelines. 'Stay at home if you are sick!'

For my husband and I, our daily life will change little at this point. Maybe I will manage to complete all my projects and find more time to enjoy the blogs of my many friends around the world. I can't believe how many days pass without me reading them.

Hardest for me is not being able to visit my Grandchildren in Canada. Last night's news suggested that it could be 2023 before international flights return to normal.

Take care and stay healthy.

I would love to read your comment.