Sunday, 25 November 2018

Enjoying Nature's Magic - Evans Head

With three friends joining me, I finally managed to take Ellie Eagle away for a four day break at the tiny, quiet, seaside town of Evans Head, just a 2 1/2 hour drive from home.

The magic of nature's beauty was immeditate. Just 40 metres from our site was a huge shady tree. Camping beneath was a young family of four. Their excited three year old couldn't wait to announce the presence of this frogmouth owl nesting above their site.

Our site also had the advantage of a thick bank of trees between us and the ocean. We were lulled to sleep at night by the gentle sounds of the waves ebbing and flowing and woke, a tad early, to a glorious dawn chorous, led by the laughter of the kookaburra.

Once the van was sorted we took the 100 m walk to the beach. On this and each subsequent visit, the seagulls had us enthralled by their antics.

Here they are arguing over a grape that had been placed by someone on this impressive sand sculpture.


And the winner is .........

If only a quiet spot could be found to enjoy it!

 Now I'll just share the 'magic' we found, through the following images.

Non venomous carpet snake.

And on our final evening, the seagulls continued to entertain.

So much 'magic', I couldn't help but jump for joy!

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

My City - Brisbane - a very relaxed city.

Most Mondays I take my cousin Sue out on an outing. This week our destination was Brisbane, the capital of my state Queensland. I actually live in a suburb, of Logan City. This city was created in 1981, as the sprawl of Metropolitan Brisbane became unmanageable. We are just 38 km from the GPO and on a trouble-free drive on the M1, we can be in the city in 25 mins.

Our choice of destination was made, on this occasion, so that we could view the cascade of red poppies on the Kangaroo Point cliffs, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Remembrance Day.

Brisbane is a very livable city with the Brisbane City Council creating an incredible network of pathways to enjoy the Brisbane River. Today we chose to drive to a suburb east of the city centre. We enjoyed a coffee break in a park beside the river, before taking a pleasant walk to the Bulimba ferry terminal. A short 'CityCat' ride had us alighting at the Sydney Pier where, after a 500m stroll we joined the Story Bridge River Boardwalk.

Now follows a selection of the photos taken on this 7 km walk, enjoying the buzz of the city and river.

The jacaranda blossoms have all but fallen and now the poinciana trees [very similar in shape and leafage] are becoming spectacular - the beginning of the boardwalk.

My cousin and her 4th seeing eye dog, AJ.

This area below the cliffs and our wonderful Story Bridge was, many long years ago, a busy port area.  Finally, after many years, its redevelopment is all but complete and will have parkland, restaurants, museum and a hotel, all with fabulous views of the city.

Two lifts have been built to facilitate easy access. I feel sure the developers are very keen to have it completed prior to the Christmas / New Year period.

We are now walking beneath the Kangaroo Point cliffs. This, apparently 'autumn tree', is losing its leaves as summer nears. Alas, I am unfamiliar with its species, but many of our trees do have this trait.

I was sure that this section of the cliffs would be the area with the cascading poppies.

Anyone for a bike ride?

Anyone for a game of ping pong?

My photo doesn't show what caught my eye particularly well, but the 1st bird appears to have the grass that is growing out of the retaining wall, in its mouth.

Well, we have now walked the length of the cliffs and no poppy cascade to be seen. This delightful display of celosia was being watered in the grounds of the Maritime Museum. I assume as a mark of respect.

On my return home I paid a visit to Google and finally established that the display was created by students of one our private schools and had only hung for 4 days. They were gone by midday of the 12th!

Further research established that light shows organised around the city had been very special. And yes, the cliffs were illuminated at night. It is disappointing that these marks of respect weren't more advertised. I can understand my being unaware, but my friend Joc, who lives close to the city centre, rarely misses knowing about events such as these.

Two photos I have taken from the internet.

To confirm Joc's diligence to know what's on, here is a collage of her photos taken at the Church of St Mary's and their garden of remembrance, on the clifftop of Kangaroo Point. [above where I had expected to see the poppy display] Below that, is another photo she took at the Southbank Parklands.

Disappointed at not seeing the poppies but having totally enjoyed our walk beside the river, we now entered the Southbank Parklands to walk to the ferry point needed to catch our CityCat back to Bulimba.

Here the bougainvillaeas were resplendent in the afternoon sunshine.

This is our city beach, a major attraction in Southbank, especially for overseas backpackers.

I know many of you who read my blog are experiencing cold and snowfalls. I hope this visit to my lovely Brisbane will have brightened up your day.

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