Sunday, 4 November 2018

Local Beauty

Life has been very busy in this part of the world. I have missed having time for my blog and enjoying those of my friends. I will catch up soon.

Amidst the daily story of life at No 16,  there has been a deadline for the creation of photo story books, for my darling Grandson Ben, for Christmas and sewing 'dead rabbits' for our local theatre's production of Oaklahoma. I also wanted to complete my 'rock people', to hide a wood pile in a corner of the garden. The scarecrow to join them, will have to wait.

The 3 on the left were the final successful candidates.

One morning I woke to a text from my neighbour saying to rush outside. Thank you Laurel.

Although busy, I have managed to rise early and keep up my 8 km local suburban morning walk. I am very fortunate that my 'suburbia' is very pleasant to walk in.

Having now been hiking regularly for 6 years, it is becoming challenging to find new trails, eventhough we are quite happy to repeat the old ones. I have just stumbled on 2 new local ones and we have been delighted with their 'Aussie' beauty right on our doorstep. How did we not know about them?

The hikes of the past week.

Gaiter Girl find - 10 min drive, on the other side of the motorway. Set off at 6 am after 2 weeks of lovely rain. 

Albert River.

Logan River

Hungry Hiker find - 20 min drive. Set off at 7am. Typical Aussie bush, also 'green' after the rain. Actually a shared mountain biking trail, but on this Wednesday, we only encounted one biker.

The beauty for me was in the tree trunks.

Six [from both groups] will be missing this week, as on Saturday they set sail for Melbourne on a Melbourne Cup Cruise. This world famouse horse race is on Tuesday. Intersting fact - the city actually has a public holiday for the race. 

Jenny and I waved them off from beneath our soaring Gateway Bridge.

Dare I suggest my favourite 18 km hike at Binnaburra, on their return? Watch this space! Its now 6am. No walking this morning. Gotta rush. A birthday cake to ice and more sewing for the theatre before dashing off to an appointment. I think I need to retire from retirement!

I would love to read your comment.


  1. How fun to find two new trails near your home! Although your life may be busy it sounds very fulfilling.

  2. Oh dear those rabbits looked so real when I opened your post. As for the walks, they are magic, lovely photos.

  3. Helen, you are ever busy! I like the photos of your hikes. Your friends look pretty happy to be cruising. You'll need to explain more about the play!

  4. I'm looking forward to being as busy as you when I retire. You have some wonderful local scenery to walk through. Hope that the recent rains have eased the drought concerns for all the Queensland farmers

  5. I'm anxious to hear more about your photo books for Ben.

  6. All the photos are wonderful (well, the "dead rabbits" look even too real :)), but the fourth one is my absolute favourite. The view with the hot air balloon is mesmerizing.

  7. Oh someday I want to do a hot air balloon ride. I feel the same as you..I love my local trails but after nine years sometimes I want something new.

  8. So much serenity and beauty! It is lovely when you come across new trails nearby, isn't it?