Sunday, 11 November 2018

The Windaroo Cup

Six of my hiking companions had boarded the P & O Dawn on Saturday, when it set sail for Melbourne for Tuesday's 158th  Melbourne Cup. Jenny and I had helped them make fashion choices and wished them bon voyage as they set sail.

Jenny and I were delighted then, to be invited to a Melbourne Cup lunch of a mutual friend. [My first ever Cup lunch.] What a wonderful day it turned out to be. A day of glamour, elegant dining, friendship and laughter and our very own Windaroo Cup!

The race.

Lyndell's happy!

 Now it was time for the Windaroo Cup jockeys to line up.

Initially if one threw a '6', one's horse would move forward. Progress was so slow that a throw of a '4, 5, or 6' then gave progress.

And the fillys were ........

Bambino Babe and Gaiter Girl streaked ahead.

Bambino Babe was the eventual winner.

A marvellous day but Wednesday had arrived and some hiking had to be done. The temperatures this week had soared into the mid 30's C, so Jenny and I made the decision to set off at 6.30am  on our 10k walk of the Wynnum Wetlands.

The artifical cricket pitch at Wynnum and one of my favourite, stately gum trees.

The tide was low and initially we were disappointed with the lack of bird life. We kept walking and were rewarded with a flock of Black-winged Stilt, feeding in shallow water.

Dashing about on the water's edge were Curlew Sandpipers.

A lone magpie serenaded us as we passed.

Jenny's delicious bruschetta, coffee and slide show of her recent river cruise - Amsterdam to Budapest, [Well 5 of 14 days were on the low level rivers.] made for a very enjoyable morning.

I am delighted to report that the 'summer' temperatures have abated for the moment. A dramatic overnight change that has had us digging out our coats again.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. Oh what fun you had with your friends! I enjoyed the photos. Great pics of the birds in your neighborhood too.

  2. I have never been to a cup lunch - it seems like you had fun. I love the bird shots.

  3. Oh tell the truth--- you were playing for money, right? Wild and wacky girls!

    1. Ha, ha! $10 donation to breast cancer and $5 to a Cup sweep. My horse is still rinning!

  4. Such wonderful, elegant and fun photos! Especially the second one is worth framing and hanging. xx

    1. Thanks Sara. I agree about the photo. The whole day was like a dream.Such elegant surroundings with the best friends.

  5. What fun! You really know how to enjoy life.

  6. Thanks. I'm happiest in hiking gear, but this day was very special. We all contributed so everyone got to relax and enjoy.

  7. Enjoy seeing you and your friends have fun as well as your hiking adventures. We play board games with our own families when the weather is poor and we always have many laughs