Saturday, 24 February 2018

A Short Sea Change

My New Year's resolution at the beginning of 2017, was to take the van out at least once a month. Alas, Evie Eagle, as she has now been christened, had not one adventure. 
This year's resolution was exactly the same, but with more conviction when making it.
January is not a good time to camp, with high temperatures, school holidays, and regular thunderstorms. February arrived with the temperature dropping back to the high 20's, so I asked my friend's Jocelyn and Leanne if they would like to join me. We settled on 3 nights, 15 - 17 Feb. Meanwhile the temperature and humidity soared again to the mid 30's, but thankfully the coastal temps were several degrees cooler and with a sea breeze.

We found the Pottsville North Caravan Park about midday and were impressed with the friendly staff, who gave us several choices of sites, the park's shade opportunities, cleanliness of the amenities block, and the spacious feel of the whole park. Their swimming pool was a bonus, given the temperature and we gladly cooled off in it, once we had set up camp.

At this point we had just broken the back of the work - approx 40 mins from driving in. If we used Evie more regularly this time would be halved. A good plan! The sweat was pouring off us and we were in need of a coffee break. 

Thank goodness for our shady site!

All done. We have recovered in the pool, read a book and now a cuppa before heading to the beach to watch the sunset.

Sheer bliss! 
High seas of the past week had closed the majority of the coastal tourist strip's beaches. Combined with the humidity and heat, they had created sea spray levels that I had not experienced before. Often the visibility was down to 50 m, but it did make for some different photography.

My youngest son had given me a special bottle of champagne for Christmas. My husband doesn't drink it, so I had kept it for a special occasion with friends. Just perfect for this afternoon.

We initially set up above tide level, but it wasn't long before the decision was made to move a little closer.

The sea still beckoned. As it was low tide, the shoreline was quite flat, so we again moved to feel the edge of each receding wave, or at times, a swirling of the rushing wave. The temperature was still 29 C, making this a lovely relaxed way to cool off. We did have to move back up the beach several times, but it was worth the effort.

Sunset nearing, in the west.

Sea spray increasing.

7.30 pm saw us back at the van and whipping up a delicious steak meal on the park's BBQ.

Breakfast after our early morning walk, was very appetising too.

Rain delayed our departure to watch the sunrise. It was well up on our arrival, but blurry, because of the misty sky. A glorious couple of hours was spent strolling along the shoreline, enjoying the reflections, waves, cloud formations and variety of creatures and flotsam on the beach. Great excitment when we actually saw fish being caught off the breakwater.

I've cropped these tiny crabs from another photograph. I hadn't noticed them in the sand.

Beached jellyfish.

It was fascinating to watch the waves receding where crabs were under the sand. The air bubbles kept bubbling until the water was gone and then this perfect circle was left to admire.

This end of the coast is very unpopulated, so it was a joy to have the beach virtually to ourselves. So peaceful and relaxing. A wonderful start to our short break.

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Snappy Fingers

Fiddler Crabs - Wynnum mangroves.

The tiniest baby snail I have ever seen, discovered when pruning my garden hedge.

A cloud of baby grasshoppers landed on our pool fencing.

Finding the unexpected under my caladium.

In the garden.

Morning walk.

Celebrating Austalia Day.

The very unusual leaf of a Eucalpyt in my Australia Day bunch of flowers.

The Waratah - New South Wales floral emblem.

You can't get much more Aussie than this. My youngest son lives in Perth and has just had a road trip down to beautiful Esperance and Cape le Grande National Park. I just had to share these stunning pics he sent us. Sadly, the second day of his visit it just bucketed down.

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