Friday, 15 May 2020

Waiting For the Moon

May 6 and 7.


We had been having perfect, clear blue, sky days and evenings. On this evening, that the moon was to be 98% full, dark clouds hid the horizon. It was nearly an hour after the moon rise time of 4.12pm, that it finally appeared. 
I spent the time playing with my camera settings, to snap various items of interest in my view. A clear image of the caterpillars devouring my lovely pink Pentas bush, was difficult to achieve, with my point and shoot Sony DSC-HX90V.

The weather, radar 'golf' ball, 5km from our home.

An ant trying to reach the clouds. Well so I thought. It was just a tiny scrap of grass.

Bouganvillea in the neighbour's yard.

A metal sculpture made of railway tools, created by my brother.

Potential beautiful butterflies.

Really looking for the moon!

An hour late! Can you spot it, plus the 'Old Man of the Moon' taking a rest?

It flitted in and out of the clouds.


It had been another lovely clear day, until late afternoon. The moon was due to appear at 5.13pm, but again the horizon was filled with clouds. On this afternoon, as golfing had ceased, I was able to walk the short distance to the ponds. My spirits soared as the sky was filled with ever changing sunset colours. A wondrous, magical hour was spent turning from east to west and back again!

It didn't matter then, that the moon only briefly shared its light.

Friday 8 May.

Moonset was at 6.50 am. At 6 am, my friend Mary and I set off on our daily walk. Our pace quickened, when we realised that the moon was sinking rapidly behind the local hill, 40 minutes early. We just managed to reach this open view, to snap these few images, before it sank below the horizon.

Our walk continued west, but we looked east often, to catch the sunrise.

Our destination on this day, was to top of Brosnahan Court. A very steep climb, offering 180 degree views.

Halfway up, the sun's rays brightened the skyline.

At the top, one Granny posed for her Grandson in Canada.

Not puffed at all?

Retracing our steps.

Saturday 9 May

Friday evening the moon didn't show its face at all. Saturday morning saw Laurel and I walking early and we enjoyed watching it play games, as it dropped towards the horizon.

Goodbye 'Flower Moon'. You have been quite spectacular when I have been able to find you.

Corona restrictions are easing here in Australia. There have been 7 019 cases.   
6 337 have recovered with 98 deaths and 37 new cases in the past 24 hours.. We can now travel up to 150 km for day trips and recreational purposes. Five visitors to households. Ten in gatherings outside. Pools, parks, libraries, retail shops, restaurants can open but must meet social distancing and the maximum of ten.

We are warned that there will be a 2nd and 3rd wave of corona, especially if we don't observe social distancing and strict cleanliness guidelines. 'Stay at home if you are sick!'

For my husband and I, our daily life will change little at this point. Maybe I will manage to complete all my projects and find more time to enjoy the blogs of my many friends around the world. I can't believe how many days pass without me reading them.

Hardest for me is not being able to visit my Grandchildren in Canada. Last night's news suggested that it could be 2023 before international flights return to normal.

Take care and stay healthy.

I would love to read your comment. 

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Feeling Blessed Continues

Friday 1 May

Good morniing!

Our beautiful autumn weather continues. The sun rises around 6am. The temperature at that time has been around 23C, until this morning's windy 13C. There is no humidity. The sky is crisp and the glorious birdsong tells me that the birds are also filled with the joy of the dawn.

This post records the beauty of the dawns I have witnessed on my daily, local walk [8km] and on my group zoom walks [10 - 15km locally]

Sunrise 1 - I am so very fortunate to have this view from my back garden.

Sunrise 2 - Over the Logan River.

Sunrise 3 - walking through a local park, to the Logan River.

Sunrise 4 - Across the Albert River, at the Rivermount footbridge.

Sunrise 5 - in the same area.

Sunrise 6 - On most daily walks, I drive 4 km to join my friend Mary, to socially distance walk our 8km circuit. On this morning I was 20 mins late as, I had just had to pull over and capture the changing scenes of the sky.

When I pulled over here, the sky was layers of deepest blue. As I took this 1st image, a hint of pink was brushing them.

A kilometre later, I stopped again as the pink intensified.

Half a kilometre later, I was at traffic lights to make a left turn away from this magnifcent colour. I quickly pulled into the shopping centre carpark and rushed across the road, to avoid poles being in my photo. A bonus of corona, there was no traffic to delay me. Addeding to my joy of the moment, photos flashed across the phone's screen of my gorgeous Grandchildren. Knowing their parents were available, I facetimed to share the wonder of this glorious sunrise.




I finally tore myself away and joined Mary, as these wonderful rainbows filled the sky. We were soon surprised by rain falling gently. After 500m we turned back to get rain jackets. Of course, by the time we again set off the sky was clear.

Sunrise 7 

Sunrise 8

The Albert River, Eagleby.

This walk took us to the Eagleby Wetlands. In the distance I could just see many little birds flitting amongst the bushes. I zoomed my point and shoot lens out to its full 30 X zoom and clicked, hoping I might just catch a few of their images.

I was delighted with the result. I've counted 10.

Magpie Geese readying themselves for their flight north.

As we were retracing our footsteps home, I spied thes Galahs sharpening their beaks on a beautiful gum tree.

Sunrise 9

The sunsets have also brought joy.

Butterflies rarely sit still long enough for me to photograph them.

This one hitched a ride in my car and it was quite a delicate operation to release him.

This visitor to our table, has the most melodious song that he shares with us regularly. We do not feed the birds, but they enjoy the nectar and insects in our garden.

Thankfully Corona confinement hasn't left me looking like this. I sincerely hope, you too have not been left feeling overwrought.

I saw this image below, on Facebook's 'Who Got the Rain' page. Life goes on and normality will return. Let's hope it is sooner rather than later. 

Here in Queensland, on most days there are no new cases. As of today, 2nd May, restrictions have relaxed. Some National Parks will be open. We can travel up to 50 km to visit family, picnic with family and excercise. Boating and motor bike rides permitted and some non essential shops will open. Social distancing whilst doing these activities, is still the norm. It is our Labour Day holiday weekend. I just hope people will excercise restraint and not abuse these new freedoms.

Take care where ever you are and may your loved ones be healthy and safe.

I would love to read your comment.