Monday, 29 April 2013

Walking at Springbrook After the Rain.

Our walking trio set off on 12 March to finally visit Springbrook National Park, which had only just opened after the rain disaster at the end of January. Some trails were still closed. Rain clouds were teasing us all day, but fortunately for us, they waited until we were back in the car and heading home. It did however, mean we had to drive the steep, narrow, winding road down the mountain very slowly,


Our 1st hike was to the Purlingbrook Falls, which under normal conditions is a circuit, but for us today, an hour and a half return walk.
We had to watch where we walked, but considering that over 900 mls [40inches] had fallen over 3 days at the end of January and constant falls since, our feet kept quite dry.

Progress was slow with so much beauty in so many forms to be enjoyed. Lush greens of the under canopy, brown hues of the leaf litter, dramatic cliffs, bird song, varieties of mosses and algae, bark shedding gums [eucalpytus trees], gurgling water, cascading falls, vast panoramas and the dramatic damage of the storm.

                                             Harmless blue tongue lizard catching some sunshine.

 Tree Fern


Base of the Falls

On our return to the car park, we found a picnic table amongst the palms to sit and enjoy coffee and rolls before setting off to the Twin Falls Circuit. Nature had provided a rich, green carpet to cover the concrete.

Feeling refreshed, we set off to the Twin Falls circuit for more steps and zig zagging paths. Considering the path drops from sheer cliffs, it has been cleverly created for minimum discomfort.

As we set off along the initial rim path, our senses were again being overwhelmed by all we were seeing, hearing and smelling.

Having walked to the top of the Twin Falls we began our descent and continued to be stunned by the dramatic beauty all around us.





       Cascade at base of of theTwin Falls. The path took us drily in behind these falls.

The first time use of the umbrellas we always have in our back pack, wasn't for rain, but to keep dry on the path behind the Canyon falls.

 Just another cascade!

                            As we ascended from the gorge, fog began drifting in.

The days ominous clouds, rapidly neared, as we headed for the car, after a marvellously rewarding day in the great outdoors down under.


Happiness is...............
                                   Watching the full moon rise.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beyond the black Stump

Beyond the black stump in Aussie slang means 'where something can be found'.
Venmans Bushland National Park is just a 25 minuet drive from home. The 225 hectares was owned by Jack Venman, who had the vision to regenerate the farmland and sell it to local council for $1 in 1971, thus providing a wonderful habit for our native wallabies, koalas and birds  and a peaceful recreation area for future generations.

As we walked, birdsong filled the air. Unfortunately we were unable to spot any wildlife. Again we experienced damaged trails from the Australia Day winds and rain.

Happiness is ......
                          Bees in the garden

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nature's Drama

From the end of July to January 26 we had had minimal rain. The ponds on the golf course were rapidly disappearing and the condition of the course brown and dusty.
An extreme weather event in north Queensland, unexpectedly made its way down the coastline [1000 kms] wreaking havoc with torrential rains, wind and flooding to towns and vast agricultural tracts. On reaching us , it dumped 200 mls or 8 inches over 3 days. We were the least affected but many of our walking trails are still being repaired.

From this.....

To this, in 3 days.

My son and I visited the Purlingbrook Falls at Springbrook on Jan 4. It took a month for the walk to reopen due to the damage of Australia Day weekend.

From this....

To this, a month after the rain.

Happiness is....
                                  A magnificent rainbow after a dramatic thunderstorm.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Happiness is...

Setting out on a long beach walk on a glorious sunny day!
Being rescued by my caring son when this blog's header wouldn't resize!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happiness is.....

10th April 2013

Happiness is finally succeeding with my 1st blog and most definitely watching a golden sun, rise in the east.