Saturday, 20 April 2013

Nature's Drama

From the end of July to January 26 we had had minimal rain. The ponds on the golf course were rapidly disappearing and the condition of the course brown and dusty.
An extreme weather event in north Queensland, unexpectedly made its way down the coastline [1000 kms] wreaking havoc with torrential rains, wind and flooding to towns and vast agricultural tracts. On reaching us , it dumped 200 mls or 8 inches over 3 days. We were the least affected but many of our walking trails are still being repaired.

From this.....

To this, in 3 days.

My son and I visited the Purlingbrook Falls at Springbrook on Jan 4. It took a month for the walk to reopen due to the damage of Australia Day weekend.

From this....

To this, a month after the rain.

Happiness is....
                                  A magnificent rainbow after a dramatic thunderstorm.


  1. Excellent before and after shots Helen.

  2. Thank you Margot. Jenny and I are walking at Venmans tomorrow morning.