Friday, 8 August 2014

Prince Edward Island

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July 18 saw Frank and I making the long flight to Prince Edward Island for our son Stuart's wedding. Also making the arduous trek was 2nd son Matthew, my brother and his son and Frank's sister and partner. Small in numbers, but bearing the best wishes from family and friends who were unable to join us.

It was wonderful to to be able to recover from our journey in warm sunshine, under clear blue skies,  surrounded by lush green fields of potato, wheat and hay, forests of spruce and silver birch, quaint churches,  imposing lighthouses, delightful homes in muted shades of grey, green and blue with not a fence around them to be seen! Such an amazing sense of freedom and quality of life.

First view of this picturesque island.

Our view from the farmhouse .

 Long cool evenings perfect for enjoying the outdoors, BUT black flies and mosquitos played havoc.

Wonderful to have this special week together. We all live far apart.


The surprise 'Quilt of love' made by family and friends of both families and coordinated by me.


One of the famous PEI potato fields.

Looking across to Basin Head where the wedding took place.

This shows the colour range of homes but not the mown space between. I can't believe I didn't take a photo of these homes and lawns that were just everywhere!





Sea food:-

Mussel farms

And of course no visit to PEI is complete without a visit to meet Anne of Green Gables. She was so welcoming and suggested I go on down to the house where Marilla would serve me some raspberry cordial. As a young teenager I had read all of Lucy Montgomery's books, so to visit her home was quite special.

Our time on the island passed all too quickly. It had been wonderful to be able to put faces to names of those who had shared in the creation of the quilt, yet because of the organisation required for a wedding, I've come away wishing there had been more time to converse with these new friends. I sincerely hope we will keep in touch.

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