Tuesday, 22 December 2020

By Popular Request

 Tuesday 22 December

Scotty and Stanlietta returned to our footpath on December 1, to bring Christmas cheer to our street. Their debut was in April, during lockdown. 


Their presence on the street has been limited due to the deluge of rain falling mid December. They have often been keeping us company.

This was to be a short post wishing one and all the happiest Christmas possible in these incredibly difficult circumstances for so many. However, the Gaiter Girls chose to have a beach walk and Christmas drink last night. The beach scene that greeted us was not the crystal blue, sky and sea as expected, but a misty, very warm, slightly eerie scene. I just had to share.

The Temperature during the day had reached a very humid 34C. A heavy tropical shower was falling as  we joined  the slow moving traffic on the M1. We wondered if we should make a very early retreat. Thankfully, we continued on leaving the rain behind. A most wonderful evening ensued. 

One doesn't realise just how much one misses the sea, until one returns. [I hope that makes sense.] It was just sheer bliss to walk along the shoreline, [after 5.30pm] paddling in the water and watching the never ending waves, gently on this occasion, crest, cascade and then caress the beach. The atmospheric conditions of the day, coupled with the salt spray, made for these unusual views. 



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  1. Scotty says to Stanlietta, "Let's go out on the porch and light up!"

  2. I've not been to the coast for a walk on the beach since the early summer. Like you I really miss walks along the shore and these ethereal images are wonderful.
    All the best to you and your family and stay safe and well :)

  3. Your unusual views are so beautiful!

  4. Glad to see Stanley and Stanlietta back - love their Christmas "socks!" I too love a good beach walk but never seem to make it to the coast often. The Oregon coast is wonderful in the winter. My favorite season I think.

  5. Stanley and Stanlietta seem to be perfect guests whether rain or shine. Your beach walk was incredible with the misty views. Thanks for taking me there.