Sunday 21 May 2023

Party Week

Wednesday 3rd May

It was Coronation Week. We may not be all royalists but we all love an occasion to celebrate!

The Hungry Hikers kicked off the festivities with a Coronation Walk and luncheon. Margot was a week out of hospital after having her hip replaced, so we organised a walk near her, and we all contributed something to lunch.

 The Corso, is a Brisbane River Walk in her suburb. We glamourously covered 6km in just over an hour, in lovely, cool, autumn sunshine.

Time to get down to business.
Jocelyn was in charge of the King Charles Cocktail.

Margot's hip was doing well and she had gone to a lot of trouble with her amazing table setting.

She had also made the King Charles Quiche in mini form.

Paula, Margot's sister, provided a delicious Prawn Cocktail. Jenny, King Charles Chicken, and I made the Coronation Cake.

Friday 5 May

Our monthly gathering of 'The Pigs', teaching friends from the '80s, just happened to be the day prior to the Coronation. Lyndell was our host this month and had planned a 'May the 4th Be with You' theme until she realised the date of the coronation. [Spot our namesake in some of the photos]

The invitation

I have a dear friend who has a wonderful wardrobe from theatre days. I really felt like a princess for the day!

We would all have been at home at Westminster Abbey if only our invitations had arrived on time.

Pimms and Cucumber Sandwiches.

Dining elegance.

The menu 
Pimms and cucumber sandwiches. 
Royal Roasted Tomato Soup, King Charles Quiche with new potatoes and crispy lettuce, Queen Elizabeth Coronation Cake with Clotted Cream, followed by Port and Cheese, when we retired to the formal lounge.

Our amazing hostess, Lyndell, with the King Charles Quiche.

Headshots taken by Jocelyn, who isn't a 'Pig,' but was the Royal Chauffeur organised for Margot to attend.

The roses for the table.

Our celebrations may not have had all the spectacular pomp and ceremony of the actual coronation but it was filled with laughter and the friendships of over 40 years.

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  1. You and your friends always have the best times!

  2. It looks like you had great fun together for the Coronation! Wonderful!

  3. You kids are delightful! By the way, I wish Charles well, but his mom was a hard act to follow!

  4. Kim Fritzemeier22 May 2023 at 15:40

    What fun! You ladies know how to celebrate. The tables and the food looked fit for royal friendships.

  5. Great celebration! Ladies, you have a wonderful friendships.