Thursday, 1 June 2023

Autumn mornings

Thursday 1 June

The first of June is officially Winter, here in Australia. The last two weeks of autumn have seen crisp cool mornings with clear blue skies. Our temperature range has been as low as 6C and as high as 23 C. Several days only reached 19C.

It is such a joy to be out and about early. Without the heat and humidity, I feel energised and have been able to complete my 6 km circuit much more quickly. Of course, that time is often lengthened when nature begs to be photographed, as below.

Walking with Janice locally.

Nature's reflections.

First mist on my favourite oval.

And nearby dewy, misty scenes.

Dew drops on a dandelion.

Calliandra or Red powder Puff flower with dewdrops.

One morning last week, I was delighted to discover that there were no golfers on the fairway, so I was able to start my walk on the golf course. 

First misty scenes.

And then the sum slowly rose.

It was just magical light.

Pink Galahs or Cockatoos flew overhead.

Further on, this baby Cormorant kept me fascinated as he dived and swam.

Our Grevillea has been pruned to let the winter sun into our pergola area. This Rosella Parrot entertained my husband and me as we had a cuppa.

Tuesday 30th, the Gaiter Girls walked beside the Logan River at Cornubia. Tranquil scenes greeted us.

Yesterday the Hungry Hikers drove to the coast and walked the path of the Southport Broadwater. Even at 9am the views were stunning in the autumn light. Of interest, the first whales have just been sighted off the coastline, beginning their northern migration.

Unusual to see a number of Black Swans on the Broadwater, but very few Pelicans.

You may have noted that there has been no autumn colour in the above images. The odd deciduous tree can be spotted but to find true autumn colour, Jocelyn and I had to drive the 140 kilometres to Toowoomba, at an elevation of 690 metres.

It was a lovely day, but high winds at the weekend had dropped much of the colour and we really had to search to take these images.

Lake Annad Park

Japanese Gardens

The Camellias in the Japanese Gardens were in full bloom.

What a difference elevation makes. Warwick, 80 kilometres further south of Toowoomba, and at a similar elevation, woke to this frosty scene on Tuesday. Brrrr!

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  1. Your colourful autumn photographs are gorgeous! Even in the photos without the colour, the views are spectacular, especially those early misty mornings!

    1. It is a wonderful time of year for us.

  2. There are some incredible photos here with the mist and light, Helen. Great captures. Love the autumn colours though I want to enjoy the green for now.

    Hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks, Marie, I fully understand your need of 'green' after such a long winter. Yes, see you soon.

  3. Kim Fritzemeier1 June 2023 at 08:18

    The name of your post reminded me of our differences. Our summer is arriving, while your winter is. Those photos of the sun rising through the fog are spectacular! The fall color photos are equally beautiful. I've been looking at my seasonal photos as I prepare for a library photography show next week. Aren't we fortunate to live in places that offer beauty in all four times of the year!?

    1. Enjoy your photography Show and I look forward to reading about it in your next blog post.

  4. Our June 1 was also rather wintry, about the same temperatures as your first day of winter, though no frosts, thankfully. I love those slightly misty early morning shots. And those autumn colours are exquisite.

    1. I continue to enjoy these misty scenes on most of my early morning walks. It seems many countries have had long winters. We are packing for 'summer' on PEI, and taking winter clothes.

  5. Wonderful pictures!!! Love this evening mood when the light is floating the world covering everythin with a taste of honey. O.k. we here on the other end of the world (Austria as you know) prepare ourselfs for summer now ... and hopefully it will be a warm and sunny one. I love it.
    Have a good start in your winter and happy walking days with your friends
    Big hugs

  6. I like the mists in Autumn. We are getting plenty of frost here now.

  7. Hello. The pictures are amazing. I love misty autumn evenings and the bright colour of leaves. Beautiful walk with your friends.

  8. Hi Helen, I'm catching up with you! Can't seem to comment on my Google account so must do it anonymously. Love your early morning misty scenes and the glimpse of fall color. Glad you are well and still hiking! Barb

    1. So lovely to see you, Barb and your beautiful post.