Monday, 20 July 2020

Return to Lagoon View Nursery

Saturday 18 July

A very quick post before I set off on my western Qld road trip with 3 friends.
After Wednesday’s brief visit to the Lagoon View Nursery, I decided it was the perfect destination to take my cousin to, for coffee on Saturday. A wonderful morning tea was enjoyed by the pond, followed by a relaxed stroll around this amazing nursery and gardens. We will be returning. At present it is only open on weekends and booking is essential. Sue and I were fortunate that a table was free on our arrival.

The setting was beautiful and the decor on the tables added to the ambiance.

The ducks played for us as we dined.

Small honeyeaters warbled in the trees above.

This kookaburra posed but didn't give us his full throttle laugh.

The remainder of our visit was spent exploring the many paths, nooks and crannies of this wonderful garden and nursery.

Crucifix Orchid.

Native Geraldton Wax.

Native Aussie Christmas Bush.

A tree I've never seen before, and best looked at from below - Dombeya Tree.

I've spent my night at my friend's and in one hour our exciting tour of the Outback mentioned in my previous post, begins. The scenery will be very different to this special day.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. What a perfect place for lunch. You both look happy.

  2. This was perfect. The setting, food, a walk and gorgeous photos! Just perfect and during a version of winter I could learn to love!

  3. Perfect spot for tea! Love all the beautiful flowers. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

    P.S. I hiked at Mt St Helens yesterday and thought of you. :)

  4. So gorgeous! Enjoy the trip.

  5. Ooh, Helen, this is a wonderful post and exactly what I needed in a rainy and windy day. :)
    The flowers and birds and trees look lovely. Your biota is so amazing that I am forced to ask: those red fungi can't be real... or can they? :)
    Happy hiking! Take care!

  6. What a wonderful nursery!

  7. Beautiful, so much colour brought into a rather grey day here in the UK

  8. What a beautiful garden and looking forward to your outback shots too.

  9. It must have been quite wonderful to be able to spend time with your cousin in this beautiful spot.