Saturday, 18 July 2020

Perfect Winter Walking.

Wednesday, 15 July - mid Winter.

What a perfect quote to live by, discovered in the garden of the Lagoon View Nursery, at Redland Bay. This day, walking with my friends, was yet another perfect gift from nature.

We met at IndigiScapes, an environmental and discovery centre. There were many short trails around a lagoon, through lovely bushland and rainforest areas, boardwalks and sculptures. The chorous of many different birds accompanied us.

We were filled with awe, as we gazed at a 400 year old Tallowwood Tree [Ecucalpytus]. It had escaped the axe of the areas early loggers, as it was too gnarly.

A short drive took us to the shoreline of Redland Bay, where we joined the Jack Gordon Pathway.

This picturesque path follows the shoreline, with stunning island views, sandy beaches, lush rainforest plants and on this day mirror calm waters. 

An unusual protuberance on a swamp melaeluca. A turtle head, perhaps?

Our final destination, another short drive away, was Lagoon View Nursery. Our first visit and it won't be our last. It was the icing on the cake of this perfect day.


Grass reflected in the lagoon.

Glorious Wattle - flora emblem of Australia.

This lovely mural below, was near the starting point of the Jack Gordon Way. 
Murals and Street Art are becoming embedded in Australia's creative culture. Many of our rural towns are attracting tourists to visit their huge murals on silos and local buildings . 
This week I have been invited to join friends and tour The Outback, to see as many as possible over 10 days.

Our route.

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  1. That one tree looks quite pregnant! What a great place to walk. I don't know who Jack Gordon might be, but he must be (or have been) quite something to have this walk named after him.

  2. Jack was a local Councillor and active community member. The Gordon family had lived in what was until 10 years ago, a very rural community. The rich red soil producing fruit and vegetables for the Brisbane market. 90% of the area is now housing estates.

  3. The trails are so inviting! The colours so winter! Thanks for taking us along.

    Enjoy the outback. I look forward to the photos!

  4. Such stunning views on each hike you took this day. It must be getting cooler - I see most of you were in long sleeves. I love that photo before the Lagoon View Nursery entrance that shows the trees and the path beyond.That wattle is a glorious green! Have fun on your trip, Helen. Be safe and healthy.

  5. That deep blue sky reflected in the calm waters - just stunning!

  6. I love the water views because they are so different from anything around here (other than mud puddles - ha)! The opening quote is one to live by.

  7. There are people in many parts of the world who are unable to get together in this fashion any more - so we all envy you!