Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Waiting for the moon to rise.

Tuesday 2nd June

A strawberry moon was due to rise about 5pm. It was a beautiful evening, with no golfers to be seen on the fairways, so I decided to set up my tripod beside the nearest pond and hopefully take some nice shots. With a 180 degree view, one has to keep watch, as to just where the moon will appear. Its appearance this evening was quite perfect.

                                         Spot the moon.

The water wasn't quite still, but I was happy.

My feelings of elation continued as this was choir evening. 'Be My Guest' from Beauty and the Beast and 'Pure Imagination' from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory were the priority for this evenings rehearsal. Just perfect.

Wednesday dawned and our 'hiking down under' group had to select a less strenuous walk than O'Reilly's, of last week. Margot had taken a nasty fall and her knee was still recovering. Earlier in the year we had walked and enjoyed a section of Bulimba Creek. It was decided to walk another leg. Again it was delightful to be walking in suburbia and yet feel as if we were in the country. 18 kms were  covered and rarely did we see streets or housing. The creek gently flowed, the birds sang, the ducks swam and the wattle was blooming.

Our balmy winter days and crystal blue skies make 'hiking down under', pure bliss.
Yes. Just perfect.

I hope you enjoyed watching the moon rise and hiking in suburbia. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Boa tarde, conseguiu belas fotos, as do do fim de tarde são mais difícil de captar, no entanto ficaram excelentes, assim como, as outras.

  2. Love your moon photos! Nice job!

  3. what a great title! I didn't know what a strawberry moon was but now I do. Beautiful photos. I'll have to look out for it next time. I'd also like to join you on one of your easy walks if we're in your neck of the woods though it'll be February which is hotter of course. I'll train before I come because I usually only walk about 8 km.

  4. Rosemary that would be absolutely wonderful. Depending on the weather I have already chosen the hike.The 1st leg is 6 km and a little steep. The 2nd is 4 and well graduated. Being in the mountains just that little cooler as well. We often comment on how well the tracks have been made to allow for comfortable ascent and descent. I look forward to hearing more of your plans.

  5. Pretty pictures, especially the one where the moon is in the opening in the tree and both are reflecting in the water. Perfect timing on that! Thank you for sharing the strawberry moon with us, I missed it here!

  6. Wow! What a spectacular set of moon rise photos. Very Impressive and I admire the discipline. It always gives me great joy to see the unique flora and fauna of your region in Australia. Looking forward to enjoying your winter hiking photos. Have fun and stay safe.