Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Scarborough to Margate

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Wednesday 24th June

After a week of perfect winter skies and temperatures, this past week chose not to be as agreeable. Overcast skies, drizzle and lower temperatures, were the order of the day. Dare I say maximums of only 19C!

On Wednesday, as we drove north across the city to the Redcliffe Peninsular, the wipers had to be used but we weren't disheartened, as we believed our 'hiking Karma' would make a dry day.

Teeth were chattering as we sat down for our obligatory pre hike coffee, but this coffee, combined with the panoramic view across Deception Bay, quickly put us into the 'let's get going mode.'

The drizzle returned just as we set off, so it was my first chance to test my hands free umbrella. It worked well, but there was no breeze so the jury is still out.

 The rain soon passed, but the dull sky stayed with us all day. We had done half of this walk previously. Today's weather gave it a different perspective.

These yachts were midgets, compared to the mighty USA George Washington aircraft carrier, which we spotted late afternoon, departing Brisbane at the conclusion of 5 days RNR for its crew.
                      Could it be?

On our final leg, the sun all but won the battle to show its face across Deception Bay.

The golf ponds, just across the way from our back fence, bring constant pleasure to us. On Friday morning about 7am, the rising mists on its still surface begged me to get the camera out. No golfers were to be seen, so I didn't resist.

The following morning it was a totally different view and yet again breakfast was delayed, while I watched and snapped shots of these graceful pelicans.

My husband, Reg, Laurel and I managed another walk together. This time at the Berrimba Wetlands that Laurel and I had enjoyed so much last year. The pelicans were all busy bathing and preening themselves, something I had not witnessed before. The wings rapidly beat the surface, splashing the water over their bodies.

So many wonderful surprises 'hiking down under'.

I hope you have enjoyed these special days with me. I would love to read your comment.

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