Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Toolona Circuit O'Reillys, Green Mountains

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Wednesday 27 May

A day of green , moss, rock and water.

Rated a moderate grade track and one of the best waterfall walks of Green Mountain, the Toolona Circuit seemed to fit the bill for a longer walk at 18 kms. With a suggested time of 6.5 hours we were keen to start early. Alas, this did not occur for reasons beyond our control, so we were under pressure when we started, to complete the circuit before the sun set. Light rain fell for the 1st kilometre or two, making the often overgrown track just a tad slippery, but adding a sheen to the vegetation that constantly changed. Giant trees impressed, along with the majestic, ancient antarctic beeches, the rich velvet green of moss covering tree trunks and rocks, and with the fog of the later part of the day, had us feeling we were in a timeless land.
We were fortunate that the high water levels from recent heavy rainfall had dropped, as there was at least 12 crossings of Toolona Creek. We didn't have to remove our boots, but great care was taken stepping across the mossy rocks. Although the track was quite narrow, uneven, rocky and muddy at times, it was breath taking walking beside this creek, with its giant boulders, gurgling waters, fern filled gullies, tree ferns, and of course its 7, now gently cascading waterfalls. Birdsong accompanied the musical notes of the water flow.
It was disappointing that we had to keep on the move and not have time to relax and let nature fully work its magic on us. 4.30pm saw us back at the car in just 6 1/4 hours. Perhaps we could have taken a fraction longer with our photo stops and 20 min lunch stop, but as the molten sun set as we headed back down the winding mountain road, we knew we would return in the longer days of summer. The hike had been demanding but we had met the challenge.

On arrival, we were welcomed by this mountain parrot. A quick coffee and we were off down the track.


The creek

The crossings

The waterfalls

The giant trees

Westerlie winds blew strongly at the weekend and sadly we found a number of giants had fallen. I sincerely hope this giant keeps its tenacious grip on the slope.

Giants of age - 1000 to 3000 year old Antarctic Beech Trees

Eeriness of a timeless land

Another magnificent day 'hiking down under' in this awesome country, Australia!

I hope you aren't feeling as tired as we did at the end of the hike, but it was definitely worth it. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Beautiful hike! Loved your photos of mossy trees and waterfalls.

  2. Another lovely walk, Helen. By the way: Answering your question, the stone columns are part of a 1919 War Memorial-- our version of Stonehenge. It's in the Columbia River Gorge, just east of the Cascade Mountains.

  3. Thanks Linda and Bill. My youngest son, who lives in Perth, has just announced that he plans to visit Portland and hike the Mount St Helens area later in the year. I am so envious. Just as well I have my September adventure to look forward to.

  4. Bom dia, Helen! ter o privilegio de caminhar pelo meio da natureza é fantástico, desfrutar das cores maravilhosas e de toda que ela nos oferece é viver.
    Excelente fotorreportagem fotográfica com fotos de qualidade.

  5. What an array of waterfalls! WOW! Then another WOW on how the sun beams shine through! Are your treks becoming a little more adventurous, it seems that way to me!