Tuesday, 23 June 2015


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Wednesday 17 June

This week I was unable to participate in our Wednesday walk. A dear friend asked me to teach her science classes for 5 days and I was not able to say no. As it turned out, I suffered a 'wet school lunch break' and my buddies deemed it too wet to enjoy the great outdoors. Consequently, I made a special effort to do a local walk daily, but found little new to photograph. I am loving the track over Mt Warren Hill and have found another track to extend the distance, before looping home.
                               6.30 am

Discovery of a new view.

Walking in the new parkland beside the Albert River.

Albert River Valley about 12 months ago. The river is at the end of the fence line.

Saturday morning saw a rare walk with my husband, Laurel and her husband. We parked above the Kangaroo Point cliffs of Brisbane and then walked down the 110 steps to the riverside pathway. We covered 10 kms, walking across the Story Bridge [75 years old in 2 weeks time], along Riverside, through the Old City Botanical gardens, across the Goodwill Foot Bridge, coffee in Southbank and up the steps to the car. It was another perfect, sunny winter's day and the best thing was that Frank was able to complete the walk without any flair up from his many sporting injuries, which too often limit him.
I was so busy enjoying the sunshine and company, that on this occasion I took very few pics.

My favourite Brisbane view.

The steps courtesy of Laurel

Strange sculpture below the bridge.

 Hanging above the markets in Southbank a 'relic sculpture' from World Expo in 1988.

A bright spot in my garden.

A very busy week, but one can always make time to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors 'down under.'

I hope your week was relaxed and with time to enjoy and count the 'irises'. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Love your photo of Brisbane's skyline! And nice shot of the iris too.

  2. The city and the iris are my favorites as well. But the one with the young woman running up the stairs was great too!

  3. Lovely views and beautiful iris. I'm still trying to understand why you have irises in winter and we have them in spring.

    1. Our weather is generally so warm, it is a wonder we have them at all.