Tuesday 24 January 2023

Beach, Art, Food

Wednesday 18 January

The Hungry Hikers planned a visit to the Margaret Olley exhibition of floral art at the Murwillumbah / Tweed Regional Art Centre.

An early start gave us time for breakfast at Kingscliff and a walk along the foreshore. 

The view over the Tweed River, from the art gallery, is exceptional.

The art gallery houses the recreation of Sydney artist, Margaret Olley's home studio. Our visit on this occasion was to view a special exhibit of Olley's floral art.

My favourites. 

The top photo in this collage shows pieces from Olley's studio arranged as Olley would have, for her painting below.

Jocelyn's collage of our group with our favourites.

A beautiful area is set aside for visitors to be artistic. 

Stencilled flower outlines, coloured pencils and scissors were provided at one table. It was interesting to see how each flower differed.

There were two arrangements for anyone wanting to do a still life. 

I rather liked these pottery arrangements. [Flat to the wall]

There were several other exhibitions. Our guided tour made them come to life.
Flowing Everywhere and Always: Lindy Lee.

Stories I've Been Told:   Shanti Des Fours

Transcending Likeness. Contemporary portraits.

Lunch was in one of our favourite pubs beside the beautiful Tweed River.

A relaxed day out and about with friends.

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  1. Another fascinating day again, Helen. You have such wonderful adventures!

    I loved the one you liked best as well. Just beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Marie. I'm very fortunate to have like-minded friends and live in such a wonderful area. We do have to crawl through too many traffic jams, as our population grows.

  2. What a charming display-- I imagine that you and the other hooligans had another fine day. Hugs from the Northern Hemisphere.

  3. The 'hooligans' and I, and all our aches and pains, did enjoy a fine day. Alas, it is too sweaty a day here, to send hugs from the Southern Hemisphere. You would not enjoy them! ❤️

  4. What a beautiful post, Helen! The paintings are lovely and the one with blue flowers may be my favourite too. The collage was a great idea; it was interesting to see how large the paintings really are.
    The two floral arrangements look really inviting, it would be lovely to be able to paint... but photos can be great too. :)
    I too send you hugs from the North. With our temperatures (-14 C last night) and everything covered with snow, it's sometimes easy to forget that some areas suffer from excessive heat now. I hope you have a pleasant weekend anyway!

    1. Sara, I would love to have the ability to sit down and sketch away to my heart's content. A storm, midday Saturday, eased the temperature back to a pleasant 32C, so I have been sitting under our pergola crocheting little bears for the birthdays of 3 of my nieces. 💞💞

  5. Breakfast, a walk, visit to an art gallery, lunch, with your friends! Your day was fantastically full!

  6. I totally agree, Alexandra.

  7. This looks such a fascinating gallery, and the view you had of the Tweed River was stunning too! xx

  8. Lyn, you would love the gallery and particularly the reconstruction of Margaret Olley's studio. I can just imagine your photographs.

  9. I love the flower exhibition, but I also enjoyed seeing the portrait of Sarah Peirse in character. A full day of enjoyment with your friends, Helen.