Saturday, 26 November 2022

Paddington Kookaburras

Wednesday 9 November

It was on a chance drive through Paddington, a couple of weeks ago, that I spotted the Paddington Terraces Kooka Trail. It immediately went on my list as a possibility for a Hungry Hiker walk. Research revealed that there were 16 artworks created through an innovative community idea with council support. The Kookas, representing our Australian icon, highlight the unique character and heritage of Paddington.  They were a delight to find along the length of Latrobe and Given Terraces 

We met early at City Hall and took the 365 bus to Trammies Corner, at the top of Paddington,  a charming, hilly, residential suburb. 

Trammies Corner is a tribute to the tram drivers who frequented the area during their 'smoko' breaks. A large tram depot was nearby until it surrendered to fire in 1962, sadly striking the death of trams in Brisbane.

We quickly fell in love with these cute Kookas.             [Jocelyn photos]

My images of the sixteen. Alas, this little brown Kooka was only found on a google search.

And some closer detail of this extraordinarily beautiful artwork.

It was an incredibly beautiful November day to be out walking, and Paddington gave us so much more than the Kookas.

Shady tree-lined streets, panoramic views of the city skyline and ridges of white homes. Heritage buildings, worker's cottages, and murals were all enhanced by a sprinkling of the vibrant mauve of the jacarandas in full bloom.

The size of the canopy and trunk of this Moreton Bay Fig was staggering. 

Cafe Chapter IV, opened at 8am. After an early start, it was definitely time for coffee, especially with this stunning view.

Creative artwork wasn't just limited to the Kookas. 

The Kookas Trail stretched over several kilometres, all downhill, leading us to Suncorp Stadium, the bastion of Queensland's Rugby League Football team. Laurel, a keen supporter of the game, had us pose for photographs!

Actually, Laurel is always looking for photo posing opportunities.

Another kilometre of walking had us enjoying the spring spectacle of the Roma Street Gardens.

Continuing on, we walked across the Kurilpa Pedestrian Bridge to the State Library, to soak up some history and nostalgia, viewing their "Queensland to a T", exhibit.

View back to the city from outside the Gallery of Modern Art. 
"The World Turns" is the name of this massive elephant sculpture. [Google for more info]

The Exhibit - "The humble tea towel [1950 - 2016] can be many things to many people - decorative decor, cherished souvenir, a stylised reminder of a treasured time." 

They certainly stirred many memories of our younger selves!

Our favourite!

Leaving the State Library, we concluded our superb morning with a leisurely walk through Southbank to our luncheon destination, where we enjoyed pizza, pasta and a glass of red wine.

A leisurely 11 kilometres had been completely enjoyed!

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  1. I want one of those for our backyard!!! You are so lucky to have such good friends.

    1. They are just the cutest!
      Now you have given me a thought, if only I had more time in my days, I could paper mache my own and paint it for here!
      🤔🤪 Send you one too Bill!

  2. I really enjoyed tagging along with you on your walk this day, Helen. The kooks are creatively and artistically done! Love them!

    The murals are quite creative too and I enjoyed your poses at the rugby stadium.

    The tea towel exhibit is fascinating really. Who’d have thought to do such an exhibit? Leave it to the Aussies. Love it!

    1. Glad to have you tagging along, Marie. The tea towel was very much a must-have as a holiday souvenir when I was growing up.
      I am so glad I happened to discover these wonderful Kookas and on this day, we managed to accomplish so much because the weather was so atypical for November. Sheer bliss!

  3. Been catching up on 6 months of your blog. Really enjoyed all you local walks and trips out to the family in Canada, Carnarvon Gorge. The walk with the leeches had me squirming though!

    1. Thanks, Andy. We have been incredibly fortunate considering all the rain this year. RE the walk with the leeches, it was the numbing cold that I hated, but like childbirth, the hike now has good memories.

  4. Those kookas are adorable! They remind me of the cows in downtown Calgary which are not as adorable! That sign you found should be your Hungry Hikers group motto "We Worship Food"! Your story made me smile!

  5. Ha, ha! I think "We Worship Food" has already infused itself into our motto of "It is not the distance. It is the journey"!
    Yes, the Kookas are totally adoreable!

  6. I love the stripy Kooka. Paddington is such a lovely suburb. I have some tea towels like that, from my parents and in-laws. I don't use tea towels much, hence they still sit neatly in my linen cupboard.

  7. This reminds me of the Dala horses that can be found in Lindsborg, what's referred to Little Sweden in Central Kansas. You hikers always find unique, beautiful places to visit. What beautiful vegetation, too! Thanks for taking me along.