Monday 5 December 2022

Christmas Yarn Bombing at No 16

This time last year, the Hungry Hikers explored the yarn bombing of the nearby country town, Beaudesert.

 It enthused me to plan to yarn bomb our curbside tree, this Christmas. Wool was bought in April and the plan was to spend time knitting and crocheting during our visit to PEI in May / June. Alas, I was unable to source patterns. On my return, I was very busy for the next couple of months and was becoming very frustrated in my search, during any spare time. Finally in October, a friend helped me google and suddenly a magic world opened up for me. Life was still busy, but every chance I had was spent clicking the needles. The knitted squares have been slow and a tad tedious but I have had so much fun creating the crochet snowmen, angels, wreaths etc. Thankfully the weather has remained cool. Knitting when you are hot and sweating isn't enjoyable.

The number of squares grows.

I really wanted to dress our tree this weekend. I worked late Friday night until I found I was falling asleep as I worked. I happened to wake up at 4.30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I gathered the squares that needed finishing off and sat in bed until they were complete at 6am. 

By 7am, I was busy 'bombing' the tree and our mailbox.

Midday and the job done!

[The Telstra frame has been around this manhole for well over 12 months. It is on their job list to rectify the unsafety of this one. Our neighbours had a similar situation. It took 2 years!]

The little snow lady caught my eye at a craft market back in October and I immediately thought she would be happy to be the guardian of the mailbox.

On Sunday, the Christmas lights were added.

The job was completed just in time weather-wise. This week we are not looking forward to temperatures of 35 - 37 C.
I am thrilled with my display and look forward to calmly making more squares to cover more branches, throughout the coming year.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. What a wonderful display, Helen! During the daytime it guarantees a big, happy smile to all that pass by and in the evening it looks gorgeous. Your knitted and crochet squares look really pretty and Christmassy. <3
    I'm sorry for the high temperatures. Let's hope the temps will be lower than predicted.

    1. Thank you, Sara. It has been fun and certainly brought enjoyment to many. The temperatures are sea-sawing so the hot days are bearable if a cool one follows.

  2. You have been busy! You produced a great collection. Love it!

    I cannot even imagine Christmas in all that heat and it’s so early in the summer!

    Stay cool!

    1. Trying to stay cool, Marie but it is difficult when there are so many jobs to do. I don't envy the snowy wet weather that is headed your way.

  3. I love that idea and your squares are adorable! As I type this, our temperature with windchill is -31C ! We are worlds apart as are our temperatures yet we are close in many ways: we are crafty, nature lovers, sporty and bloggers!

    1. - 31C, now that IS cold! I love though, how you are making the most of it. Yes, we are close in so many ways and our friendship goes back over 10 years across the miles. Very special!

  4. Your squares are so cute! I love, love, love this idea!! If I could knit I'd do something similar.

  5. Thank you, Linda. It most certainly has been a lot of fun.

  6. Better late than never for me to read about your yarn bombing! The squares are so cute and festive. Even though I'm sure it took tons of time and effort, you will be able to use these cute Christmas crafts for years to come. I'm sure your grandkids loved seeing photos of them. (And you definitely made the best of your manhole frame!)