Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Blossoms!

 Tuesday 15 November

Life has been busy and my early morning walks have fallen by the wayside. Yesterday, even with a very busy morning schedule, I was determined not to miss another morning. Nature rewarded me a hundredfold. A stifling 33C day followed, and I did have to take an unheard-of afternoon Nana nap, but as I set out at 5.45am, the air was cool and crisp, with the morning light giving everything the most beautiful clarity.

My first photo was taken just a kilometre from my doorstep. The jacaranda season is drawing to a close but this stunning beauty must have been a late starter.

Not far away, a smaller beauty.

A little further on I took this lovely palm tree for my Grandchildren, wondering if they knew that trees grew arms?

There are numerous native shrubs and trees covered in a mass of white blossom at present. Trying to identify each of their names is frustrating. There has been much discussion with my neighbour and the best we can come up with is that they might be Melaluccas, Syzgiums [or Lilly Pilly] and possibly Callistemon. 

Perhaps a visit to the library will help us clarify the names of the bushes sooner rather than later.  Having been a slack walker for a week or two, I was surprised/delighted at the volume of blossom on this walk. They were so alike, I was even more puzzled.

Mt Warren Oval

Different shades of colour and leaves of different sizes

Similar flower but different leaf shape.

They are all a mass of blossom and it was wonderful to hear the bees feeding. 

Turn up your sound.

When I travel to Prince Edward Island or Europe, I am always enamoured by the pristine beauty of the meadows and verges. They are in such contrast to our thick, weedy and messy vegetation, that is more than likely harbouring snakes, lizards, spiders and a dead body or two! In this lovely morning light, I grew fonder of our vegetation's natural, raw beauty. 

Talking of spiders, they were in abundance, their webs shimmering in the morning light.

As I walked towards the second oval, I thought the ground spiders had been spinning their webs again, but no, it was just the white blossom seeds that had been floating in the air. 
The bottom left image was taken on our Hungry Hiker walk today - tropical snow!

A splash of red.

A hidden path to the creek bank.

A splash of gold.

A majestic pine.

A magical corner of light and birdsong.

Soaring gums.

This walk refreshed me for the busy morning ahead and reminded me of how important it is to slow down and let nature refresh the soul.

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  1. I love the wild nature of the grasses. So pretty. That spring light is so pretty too. I feel depressed in the autumn light now and with what is to come before the light returns. No wonder you are out there soaking up the beauty…sights and sounds of spring!

    1. Marie, it has been an unusually lovely, long spring for which I am extremely grateful. My photos have painted an idyllic beauty, which is rarely seen.

  2. The jacaranda trees are so pretty! Love all the spiderwebs (but not the spiders on them).

    1. The jacarandas are still thrilling me, Linda but not for much longer. These spiders are harmless but their webs are very sticky to walk through.

  3. Great pictures! I like your area, and I love the various trees etc.

    1. Thanks, Bill. So many lovely flowering trees at present.

  4. Our bush does look messy but in spring there are so many tiny delights to be found among the grasses. I too have trouble identifying them all.

    1. The wrens and finches certainly enjoy these grasses and frustrate me as I can hear but not see them.

  5. Every time I see your jacaranda trees, I am a bit envious. I just love their purple blooms. That spider web photo is stunning! You had a beautiful walk indeed!

  6. This is my daily walk, Kim, that is if I motivate myself to get up before it is too warm. Walked regularly but always something to captivate my attention and camera.