Monday, 30 May 2022

Springs Marvellous Progress

 A post of few words. Each day is overflowing with the joy of family, and spring in all her moods.

Saturday 21st May - Beach weather!

Sunday 22nd May - time to rug up again!

Sunshine and rain competed during the week, with sunshine thankfully a clear winner. Lots of walking during the day, with late afternoon and evening spent with our family.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. Such beautiful scenes of this gentle island interspersed with time with family. Perfect!

  2. Beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your stay.

  3. It took me a minute to remember that you're in the northern hemisphere for a bit! Lovely scenery and excellent pictures! I'm glad the eagle came out to show off a bit!

  4. It certainly appears that you are exploring a beautiful place. I'm so glad you are finally able to visit.

  5. Such beautiful sights of emerging spring. It may have been chilly, but at least you didn't have snow! Instead, they have a sea of dandelions!