Friday, 23 October 2020

Fun and Photography with the Gaiter Girls

 Tuesday 6 October

On checking with the Gaiter Girls I discovered that there would be only 3 of us, so I asked for suggestions for a plan for the day.

Rachel, who has just had a huge back operation replied, "Ducks".

Our morning was thus spent at Underwood Park, at Rochedale. The park covers quite a vast area and has something for everyone. When my sons were young it was regularly visited for soccer matches and I have played netball there. There are two fabulous children's playgrounds, BMX track, skate park, arbors for weddings, BBQ's and picnic tables, scouts den, duck and lily ponds. 

On arrival we walked 5km on its flat paths, so suitable for Rachel.

The Scout's Den

Along the way, we spent time watching 2 galahs enjoying a breakfast of seeds from the pods of the Casia bushes.

Action at the skate park.

A short distance away was the main lagoon and its boardwalk, offering tranquilty for us and a safe haven for numerous birds, including many 'ducks', my mission for the day.

Each of us had, on this lovely morning, brought our camera, so there was an unspoken agreement that there was no urgency to move on. We breathed deeply, relaxed and captured the beauty of this delightful oasis.

Chestnut teal

Pacific Black Duck

 Pacific Black Ducks

Hard Head Duck

Chestnut Teal Duck

I think LHS is an Australian Wood Duck and middle and RHS Pacifc Blacks.

Chestnut Teal

Unable to identify but they were very impressive, strutting their stuff.

Dusky Moorhen

Finally moving on, we followed a small stream which emptied into two smaller ponds, aglow with waterlilies. They were not only enjoyed by us, but also many bees. I was thrilled with my images captured using my 30x zoom. 

At present, nature is certainly uplifting our spirits with its spring beauty. 

Why 'ducks'? 
Rachel has joined a wildlife rescue group and had spent the weekend on a course learning to identify birds. She wanted to identify the real v the photo.

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  1. Wow--- I need to come back to this tomorrow (it's 1am)there's so much to see. There appears to be some crossbreeding with the ducks, and the gallahs (is that right?) can't believe what you crazy ladies were doing :)

    1. Galah, is correct Bill.
      What does the galah symbolize?
      ' Very commonly in Australian English galah is used to refer to a fool or idiot. This figurative sense is recorded from the 1930s, and derives from the perceived stupidity of the bird.

  2. Such a beautiful and interesting post, Helen!
    The waterlilies are amazing. I can't imagine a more lovely hue of blue.
    All the family here has been admiring your bird photos. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a happy weekend and stay safe!

    1. Thanks Sara. How lovely of you to share my photos with your family. I had an awesome weekend. Andre Rieu has created a film of his best pieces from all of his Maastricht concerts, to replace this year's concert. It was in one of our cinemas this weekend. Spine tingling, goose bump music on the big screen with glorious surround sound. Yesterday I went hunting for the sensational blue of our jacarandas and was not disappointed. A post to come about that soon. Have a lovely week.

  3. You and you mates always look like you have such fun! I’d love to walk with you.

    The ducks were plentiful and you took great photos.

    I could almost smell the blooms from those close-ups.

    1. If only it were possible, we would love to have you join us, Marie.

  4. The teal ducks and waterlillies ... awesome.

  5. The color on those water lilies - so beautiful! It looks like a fun place with all the colorful murals. And I'm always amazed at seeing your exotic birds.

  6. I hadn't thought of our birds as exoctic, Kim. I love all your migratory birds.

  7. I love your water lilies! That photo of the mother bird feeding the baby just melts my heart! Your photos are so colourful and cheerful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing them.

  8. Gorgeous lilies and many ducks! Another fun hike.

  9. Wonderful wildlife images. Still never ceases to amaze me that you can walk round a local park and see exotic birds and lizards!