Thursday, 16 February 2017

Walking in January

A very delayed post.

We are experiencing a particularly hot humid summer. Days in a row where the temperature has been very humid and 35C and over - energy sapping.

Not wanting to stop hiking, we have been setting off to our destination at 5.30 am, but the sweat still pours out.

Wednesday 11 January
This morning found us on an upper reach of the Brisbane River called Seventeen Mile Rocks. It gave us both riverside and hill walking.

Our starting point was from the extensive parkland created on the site of the Qld Cement and Lime Company in 2003. It is an awesome place for families. It was incredibly busy on our return, as it is the school, summer holiday period.

Thursday 12 January
A group of us revisited Toohey Forest early. We were startled by this large frilled neck lizard on the edge of the path.

Wednesday 18 January
Thankfully we got the tide right for today's walk. We drove to Wellington Point on Moreton Bay, walked across the causeway to King Island, made a circumnavigation and returned to shore. We then hiked several kilometres of parkland and suburbia.

5.30am sunrise, just prior to my departure from home.

The sand crabs scuttled to their holes as we approached.

Thursday 19 January
Today we returned to the Wynnum Wetlands. The cloudy morning was a bonus, with hot but serene views.

Our distances haven't been great, around the 10 kms, but at least we are getting out and about in our wonderful, if hot, great outdoors.

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  1. It's funny... no matter how often I read your posts, I keep expecting something else when I see "Walking in January". I'm upside down! Nice post, for sure.

  2. Glad you and your friends are getting out hiking despite the heat. Love the shadow pic!

  3. What lovely shots! I'm amazed you could walk 10 km in that heat!

  4. I'm impressed at your dedication! I loved the shadow shot, as well as the ones of the sand crabs. That's not something I see around here!

  5. I really like that shot along the pier. Not sure if I could summon the enthusiasm to hike in those conditions - fair play! :)