Saturday, 25 February 2017

Coombabah Boardwalk

Wednesday 23rd November.

Final catch up, after last years holiday left me so much to share.

Just home from our amazing holiday in Spain, I was super keen to get back walking with my friends.
Our 10 kms took in the Myda Boardwalk, Lake Coombabah and Pine Ridge Conservation Park.

It was great to be back with my fun loving friends.

Walking back along the opposite side of the creek.

Lake Coombabah - backwater.

Entering the Pine Ridge Conservation Park - completely different vegetation within a kilometre of each area.

Water loving, melaleuca paperbark trees.

We decided early spring would be a better time to see the wild flowers.

A delicious lunch was enjoyed at near by Paradise Point, with its cooling water views.

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  1. You are all having way too much fun. I will send down some of our Republicans who will put a stop that immediately. Delightful pictures.

  2. Love the photos of you and your friends!

  3. Happiness is indeed hiking with friends :) Lovely happy photos Helen.

  4. Echo that sentiment, just back from a weekend of winter walking with friends of 30 years standing. Quite a contrast to the hot summer scenes here