Monday, 3 August 2015

Return to Mooloolah

To better enjoy the photos, please click on them to increase their size.

Wednesday 29th July - 17 kms

After many frustrating weeks, looking after the stress fracture in her left foot, Jocelyn was ready to rejoin us this week. We wanted distance, but reasonably gentle walking. We decided to return to Ewan Maddock Dam and the Dulchara National Park at Mooloolah, which we had hiked in April last year.
[You will find the link under Blog Archive, April 2014, if you are so interested]

On this occasion I didn't take many pics, which I regretted once I got home. Laurel is very creative with both word and photograph and has given me permission to add the link to her blog report of the day.

These 2 photographs are a big improvement on shots I took last year.
                               Entering the tunnel

                                View at opposite end

Today, Monday, I took a leisurely stroll around a pretty lagoon that I have recently discovered, not too far from home.
Sipping a coffee before I set off, I was delighted to spy a family of Black Swans swimming into view.

The She Oak Trees attracted the Blue Fairy Wrens, but alas they just never sit still for long.

Back at the car, the raucous call of the white cockatoos disturbed the peacefulness of the afternoon.
These 2, were just quietly going about their business, whatever that was.

I'm in the process of down sizing my photo files. This afternoon my eyes alighted on the following and so I decided to include them.
The hungry White Crane fits in with this afternoon's birds.

The spider I just love, especially when enlarged.

You will have noticed that I have often taken shots when out and about with my lady bird. The mushroom shot was taken on my front lawn and recently I finally managed to snap an actual one.

Last week's temperature was a wintery 19C. Today a summery 27C. 'Hiking down under', no matter what the conditions, always bring delight and awe in nature's beauty.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of our wonderful birdlife. I would love to read your comment.


  1. More great pictures! I love tunnel shots, and swans, and most everything you point your camera at...

  2. Nice wildlife shots! Looks like another wonderful trek.

  3. A wintery 19°C indeed! That is our morning temperature in summer most of the time! We're up to 29°C this afternoon though.
    Very beautiful photos. I wonder what the mushroom is. Great with the ladybird. Whenever I see a black swan, I always think of Australia of course.

  4. Until a couple of years ago, we never saw them in this part of the world. I don't know what changed, but they can be often sighted on lagoons and small lakes.There were simply 100's on Moogerah Dam when we visited in March. Frank even spotted 3 on our lawn last year when I was at work.