Sunday 18 February 2024


 This post has been in the pipeline since an early morning local walk, several months ago, when I spotted this amazing heart. Several months later, it still captures my attention every time I pass. In fact, the photo below, was only taken this morning as I have somehow deleted the original.

Alexandra of 'Still Making Waves on Top of the World', regularly finds hearts and has opened my eyes to be more observant.

My finds.

The above, painted for hubby.

The following finds have been shared in various media. I hope I am sharing here appropriately, by acknowledging the photographer.

Charlottetown fireworks on our 2023 visit. [PEI Good News Page]

Sara, 'My Woodland Garden'

Val Faye Shaffer of North Rustico, PEI

Alexandra skating, Calgary.

Winter road on PEI.

So Wednesday was Valentine's Day. Frank and I let it pass quietly. This year it fell on the Hungry Hiker's walking day. We set of very early [to beat heat and traffic] and met at the Apollo Road ferry on the Brisbane River at 6.30 am, to cross to Brett's Wharf and the walkway we would follow. Our plan was to walk to the newly opened foot bridge across Breakfast Creek and continue onto the city. 

On the ferry crossing, the deckhand was very happy to join our photo.

Leanne has been suffering from a leg injury so wasn't walking, but offered to provide morning tea at the halfway point.

As we neared New Farm Park, our conversation centred on Leanne's love of cooking and what she would provide. Would there be a Valentine's Day theme? We weren't wrong at all! We were soon sitting down to the best French Toast ever cooked! There was definitely a theme to the table setting.

Laurel collage.

Fully satiated, we happily continued on to complete 10 km for the morning. We returned to our cars by a down river ferry. The heat in the pm was a killer, but was quite bearable with our early start.

Apollo Ferry - 6.30 am

View up river, as we crossed.

Local walking.


A little latter

The next day

The sunset that stopped my cooking, as I went from the front of the house, to the back, to and fro!

The morning after 5 inches of rain fell in just 18 hours. 

Flattened grass from the downpour rushing to the creek.

Hard to imagine this little boardwalk under water, but it was.

Even these grasses succombed to the deluge.

Someone loves heat and moisture.

Our neighbours vine sneaking a visit to see how things are at no 16!

It was forecast to be a very dry summer, but it has been far from it. 600 ml or 24 inches measured in January. 
This storm is headed towards us right now and an amber threat has been issued. 12 mls earlier in the day.

Thankfully the storm dissipated to a drizzle and came and went with us hardly noticing.

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  1. Ooh, Helen, you should see how broad is my smile. :D This, once more, is one of your loveliest posts. All those fun and beautiful hearts! The one you had found and then decorated is super pretty and the jigsaw puzzle is lovely.
    Not to mention my potato. :D Thank you for sharing it.
    Your hiking photos are always interesting and the sky photos are lovely. Those colours and light!
    Did I already thank you for your interesting comments on my posts? You have been quite a detective in finding the early times of our following each other. I hope we continue to have many years "together".
    Have a happy new week!

    1. Sara, I look forward to endless years of sharing blog posts and friendship. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  2. Yes---- many smiles wandered across my face. Thanks.

  3. Hooked on Hearts! When you are open to finding them, it is surprising how many cross our paths in our daily lives! Thank You for including in your collection, my icy cold heart which actually warms my soul.

    Such beauty in the scenery, in the food presentation and in your friendships!


    1. ♥️🩷 πŸ’– πŸ’ž πŸ’•♥️

  4. Such lovely hearts. They are everywhere after all! I will watch for them now too.

    What a lovely meal. Leanne is an artist!

    I am reminded you are heading into fall. Some of the trees are not as verdant now. You sure had lots of rain in such a short time. It keeps the wildfires at bay though.

    Your group always takes great group shots!

    1. Marie, the heart in the tree is my favourite. I see it every day I walk locally. We had more rain and I see that you have had more snow. Take care.

  5. I love all the hearts you found! Maybe I need to be more observant and find some for myself. The breakfast your friend prepared for your hiking group looked scrumptious! And nice sunset pics.

    1. Linda, I have heaps of photos of hearts but I don't feel right in sharing them. I'm not as clever as Alexandra in finding real ones. It was a very fine breakfast.

  6. My favourite heart is the one on coffee!

  7. I ❤️ your heart collection! I've never seen a fireworks heart before. I see quite a few heart-shaped rocks while out hiking in the desert. My wife has a little collection of them around the house.

  8. The fireworks creating the heart were amazing but the photography exceptional. That is very special that you bring your wife home hearts.

  9. I LOVE your hearts. If I could figure out how to do a heart emoji on my desktop computer, I would have - ha! One unusual place I've discovered some "hearts" is on the chests of baby calves. It's amazing what you see when you keep your mind and heart (so to speak) open.

  10. Thank you Kim.
    Yes, I recall photos of these hearts. I have found others but didn't feel I had the permission to share them.