Sunday 11 February 2024


 Sunday 11 February - PEI v Mt Warren Park

Last weekend, Prince Edward Island had its 2nd largest snow storm in a decade, over 3 days. Initially Ben and Nora had a lovely time playing in it, but then it got too windy. Monday afternoon the storm had ceased and everyone was into snow ploughing and snow shovelling. Ben and Nora again had a lovely time with Ben jumping off their porch onto the super soft snow. He also helped Stuart with the shovelling. His school was shut for three days and businesses for two. Their Saturday just passed was a very pleasant, warm, calm day, and with the help of family members, a fire pit and seats was created and enjoyed. 

All so very for foreign to this Aussie living in the tropics. If only I could be beamed over to experience it all! 

Marie, I hope you and your family have also come through fine.

Saturday am

Saturday pm.

Sunday am

Sunday's level.

Monday afternoon.

The path to Kim's work.

I have discovered a facebook group called, 'PEI Good news'! It has some amazing,  and enthusiastic photographers and I just love visiting through their lenses. It is here that I have learnt that Canadian's have a great sense of humour.

Meanwhile, here in Queensland, the temperature and humidity remained high until Thursday. We have never used our air con as regularly as this summer. Just one or two evenings in the past. Thank goodness for a swimming pool to jump into after my early morning walks.

Tuesday the Gaiter Girls were limited for time. 
Alexandra Clark Park [home of several koalas] was our chosen destination to check out the newly opened children's playground, which included a giant Koala!
Arriving at 6 am, we happily found our inner child.

Grannies posing for Grandees in New York and PEI.

This playground was definitely built for the younger frame. Petite Mary entered this way, but yours truely had to use the fireman's pole.

I was amazed that I was able to climb so far, but I just couldn't get my 2nd leg to make the final lift. Rachel came to the rescue.

Alas, it was for nought. Both Mary and I looked down the covered slide and decided it was a bone breaker! Me looking down.

Another pic for the Grandees.

The clever water features were very welcome, even this early in the day.

The bicycle trail had some very clever features.

High tide on the Logan River that meanders around the park.

It was an early start Wednesday, for the Hungry Hikers to catch the 7 am ferry to Russell Island, for our Moreton Bay island exploration.

Laurel's brother and wife were visiting from Proserpine, and joined us.

Russell Island.

Coffee was bought at the local cafe on arrival, and was enjoyed in the local park where we also celebrated Laurel's birthday.

A 3 km walk was then enjoyed before the departure of the 9am ferry. We passed Lamb Island on the way to Macleay.

Creative Joc, image.

The Moreton Bay Islands only began to be settled in the 1980's. We were amazed at how populated and busy they have become. The queue for the 9am ferry.

The car ferry arrival.

We thought a stroll along the eastern side of Macleay Island to its scenic lookout, would be very pleasant. Unfortunately there were no waterfront views and the heat and humidity became excessive. A very bedraggled group stumbled into the pub at 11.30 for a coldie, after walking 9 km.

We did see some local wildlife. Their words! 

Thank goodness there was a sign or we wouldn't have realised that we had left Macleay Island. 

Everyone was getting excited as we neared the Scenic Lookout!

It was a tad disappointing.

Recovery mode.

The 1.03 pm boat was caught back to the mainland. It had been a hot but enjoyable and eye opening day. Island life isn't for us.

The scene arriving at Russell.

The scene leaving Macleay.

We had had six days without rain, but the latter part of the week saw drizzle set in.

Early morning walk view Saturday.

This morning's beautiful walk, setting off at 6 am in 22C degrees.

Frogs croaking.

Grasses growing higher and higher.

I took time to enjoy the little stream flowing beside the path on Mt Warren Oval.

This little fellow was chirping away strongly in a garden, on my final kilometre. It took me ages to find him in the branches of a Melaleuca shrub. I wasn't sure if my phone would capture a clear image or not.  Google tells me he is a Mistletoebird or a Mistletoe Flowerpecker. He was only about 10 cm in size. A native to Australia, he primarily eats the berries of the Mistletoe.

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  1. Two extremes indeed! Your photos are again very interesting and beautiful. I too have enjoyed Canadian humour on the Internet (about snow etc.) and they seem to have super cute dogs as well.
    Have a happy week ahead! xx

    1. Sara, Gunner is 10 years old and a Japanese Shiba Inu [hunting dog] so doesn't feel the cold.

  2. We didn’t get as much snow as your family did in the central part of the island. Today is 3 C without much wind and sunny. It is like a spring day.

    I can only imagine the heat you are facing there. You keep going through it all! Well done! Wind must be a welcome guest!

    Love that flowerpecker, so colourful and tiny. Great photo!

  3. Those photos remind me of my childhood, when we enjoyed playing in the snow every winter. Now the children don't even see the snow around here anymore.

    1. How wonderful for you Marji ,but how sad that your winters have changed so much.

  4. With your early starts, letting the child within come out, plus enjoying nature, I feel I could fit right in! I even have the colourful hiking clothing like you and your friends wear!

    Water water everywhere! It looks so lush and refreshing! We remain with drought concerns and still at a Level 4 with Level 5 being the worse. While wildfires in the north part of the province are still smouldering, plans are already being put in place to prepare for this year's wildfire season.

    1. Alexandra, I fear for your summer. I wish we could send ours across the ocean.

  5. You reminded me how much I love the snow.

  6. A fun post! The Canada jokes made me laugh, especially the one on Canadian archeology!

    1. There was much laughter Down Under as well, Peter.