Monday, 4 April 2022

Enjoying nature

30th March - 1st April

My regular local walk takes me up onto Mt Warren Hill, along its ridge and down the other side. It is a short, steep ascent into bushland and the home for one or two koalas. My pace is often slowed as I gaze to the tree tops to try to spot them. 
When I am in the spotting mood, I say to myself, surely today I will see one. Over a period of 6 years, I have now had three sightings.

Last Thursday morning, I was almost at my descent point when this gorgeous fellow came into view quite high in a gum tree. 

Immense excitement was felt, when he turned to look at me. The timing of this sighting was such, that I was able to Facetime my Grandchildren and share the experience with them.  Alas, he was so high up they really weren't able to see much, but it was wonderful to be excited together.

Walk completed, I grabbed my camera and car keys and drove back to the base of the hill. It was a short hike back to this now, very special tree. My zoom lens worked a treat!
Perspective - can you locate the koala?

From the opposite side of the tree.

Friday morning I set off expectantly on my walk, camera in hand as well as my I-phone. 
I was surprised to discover that overnight, my furry friend had hiked almost a kilometre along the ridge to this tree, where he was difficult to photograph.

Feeling energised on my return, I decided to pump the tyres up on my son's bike and go for a cycle, the first in several years. My destination was the Albert River and the Eagleby Wetlands. I wanted to see how they had survived the flooding earlier in the month.

Muddy but tranquil Albert River.

The wetlands were full and covering the path. We are constantly reminded that "if it is flooded, forget it!" Well, I didn't and managed to get my shoes wet. When I looked back after riding through, I saw the higher path made by others!

The white line shows the flood height from the debris left.

High tide is keeping the river level high, along with the 6 inches of rain in 12 hours, a few days prior.

More tranquil scenes.

Eaglebey Wetlands
It was disappointing that there was so little birdlife to be seen. Hopefully when the water settles, they will return.

Aged Swamp Melaleuca [paperbark tree]

Sunday morning I was awake early and noted there were no golfers out. I donned my shoes and set off on my walk via the golf course, and a little before sunrise. 
My progress for the first kilometre was slow. I was captivated by the ever changing colour of the sky and its reflection on the ponds.

West view

There were well over 100 ducks feeding on the 4th fairway. They left trails on the dewy grass.

I am so grateful for this beauty on my doorstep.

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  1. That's wonderful you spotted that koala and were able to share the experience with your grandchildren.

    1. To see him 2 days in a row was also incredible!

  2. Glorious! The early morning colours are breath taking for sure. The koala is a special find. I would never have seen it there. Wonderful captures. I looks like you could reach out and touch it.

    1. 'Glorious', very much so!
      My little camera has a fantastic zoom.

  3. I like the ducks on the frosty grass--- and the koala didn't seem at all concerned. Nice post!

    1. The grass looked frosty but was just a very, very heavy dew. It was beautiful.
      Koala's never appear concerned and I had to wait ages to capture his / her different positions.

  4. That koala bear hits the high point on the cutest scale! It's a wonderful thing to have places like this close to home and to be able to appreciate the beauty every time you walk there! I have places right out my door almost that I go to often and every time I go it's like a whole new experience. You go girl, getting on that bike!

    1. I love my walk along this ridge. I don't enjoy my sore neck from looking up for over about a kilometre, koala spotting. The reward though is pretty special.

  5. I loved your koala photos. In one of the telephoto photos, it looked like he was playing hide and seek. What a treat! I can't believe he stayed put for you for so long. And I'm glad your grandchildren got to join in the fun. I'm sure that made it even better for you, too.

    1. Koalas are nocturnal so if spotted, it is rare to see them moving. Being so high in the trees, they are appear not to feel threatened by humans. I had to await ages for each of the poses.

  6. Koalas! I can't imagine going for a walk and seeing one!

  7. Its a long wait between sightings!

  8. Amazing koala photos and wonderful landscapes!
    Have a peaceful Easter, dear Helen! 🌿

  9. Wonderful nature shots and especially to see the Koala. By the way it looks like Blogger have yet again changed the way they do comments so I can't use my Wordpress ID