Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Keeping Busy

Tuesday 8 - Wednesday 9 February

After last week's extremely hot weather, it has been a delight to continue walking early, but in mild, non-humid conditions. Minimum / maxium has been 19 C  to 30 C.      

The Gaiter Girls chose Berrimba Wetland's shady paths on Tuesday morning.


The lagoons were full, but the water was very brown from from all the rain of the latter part of last week. There were surprisingly few feathered birds to spy.

Female Varigated Fairywren

Sacred Kingfisher


Cormorant [neck and head]

Dusky Moorhen

On arriving home from this walk, it was a quick turn round to join my husband and neighbours, on a lovely country drive, concluding with a picnic lunch beside the crystal clear, gurgling, Canungra Creek.

Tuesday evening was spent walking along the shoreline of the Brisbane River, with another group of friends, prior to sharing a meal together. 

Muted evening light, as we waited for the Citycat to arrive, to take us back across the river to our starting point.

The wake of the Citycat rushed along the shoreline quite dramatically.

This morning was another early start, meeting the Hungry Hikers at Mitchelton, on the opposite side of the city. Here we walked the shady paths of Kedron Brook. This was last walked in 2015. It was sad to see  that a section had been  swallowed by housing developement.

2015 rural views. Now all housing.

Busy but cool. 
Friendship and laughter.
Green and lush.
Inspiring nature!

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  1. You’ve been busy. You always make me envious of your nature walks, Helen. The birds were fascinating. One looks like a kingfisher and others like pelicans. It is sad to see development encroaching on nature. I guess that’s progress?

    1. I'm glad you enjoy our nature, Marie. Come summer, I won't have to be envious of yours!
      I have now named all the birds. Spotting a kingfisher is always very special.
      In the area near where I live, 'progress' is rushing ahead. Sadly every house is being built on top of the next. Slums of the future. So wrong in a country with so much space.

  2. My favorite this time was probably the mushroom hidden in the little niche. And, of course, I love seeing the birds. The photo op with just the faces looked like fun, too. Is that what it was really designed for?

    1. The faces are peering out of the 'bird hide' which overlooks a vast lagoon.
      There weren't many birds but these few gave me a lot of joy and for once stayed still long enough for me to focus and snap.

  3. A truly fine day! And I imagine the yorkie was glad for the run!

  4. The Yorkie is amazing in the distance she can cover. Does far better than the 'Oldies".

  5. Your Tuesday sure packed a punch full of variety, friends, fun and scenery! I remember when I was visiting Sydney and commuted on a cat from I think it was Homebush Bay area into the city and thought how unique that was.

  6. You are so busy with friends, Helen - it makes me smile. My life is much quieter than yours. I see you have a new doggie member!

  7. Little Peggotty often joins the Gaiter Girls. She is amazing in her stamina for such a small dog.

  8. Picnic by the water, is there anything better!