Thursday, 11 November 2021

A Perfect Day for Finding Scarecrows

Sunday 31 October 

Before we go there, a brief look at the Hungry Hiker walk this Wednesday. The forecast was for an 80% chance of heavy rain. The decision was made to do a city river walk where, if necessary, we could find other options to entertain us.
A light drizzle as we set off was not a deterrent, but after 9 km, the extreme, energy sapping humidity had us drenched with sweat!

On reaching New Farm Park and enjoying the last of the jacaranda colour, the emerging red of the poinciana blooms and the multi colours and perfumes of the roses, the decision was made to take the ferry back to the city and have an early lunch in air conditioned comfort.

View through the Jacarandas in New Farm Park to the city skyline. Most of the blooms have fallen and its vivid green fern-like foliage is emerging.

Note the red of the poincaina. Soon it will be as vibrant as the purple of the jacaranda. 

An amazingly huge clump of 'Dancing Lady' orchid.

And now to find the scarecrows.

Saturday 31 Oct, saw the thermometer rising to 35C. Our visit was Sunday. Jocelyn and I quickly made the decision to leave Mt Warren Park at 6am to beat the heat. We woke to a cooler morning, but had no idea that the thermometer would drop so dramactically! Thankfully we had both put a jacket in the car as the maximum never rose above 17C.

It was pure bliss. Fresh mountain air, wonderful views, glorious tree lined avenues and magnificent gardens gave us feeling that a magic carpet had transported us across the globe to a perfect spring day in England. 

Breakfast view and a favourite launching pad for paragliders. None on this day, as the wind was far too gusty. We had to hang onto the table and bits and bobs, to stop them flying away.

There were 82 scarecrows in total and I believe we found 90% of them, driving slowly and taking time to stop and admire them and their surrounds.

There were many different categories and overall, we felt that the majority didn't fit our definition of 'scarecrow'. It didn't matter. It was wonderful to see so many of the community participating.  We loved them so much that the time passed without our noticing. We were very surprised that it was 2pm when we thought about lunch!

Definitely not scarecrows, but a wonderful display representing an Aussie song - Give me a home among the gum trees, With lots of plum trees, A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo, A clothesline out the back, Verandah out the front,  And an old rocking chair!"

How amazing is this horse? It won best creative. 

Title - The twins finish primary school!

Winner of the best kindy / daycare.

A very glamorous scarecrow.

Boy scouts entry.

Overall winner, and our choice too - St Bernards Primary School. 

Title - Walking to the Bus

Title - Good morning Ma'am.

The witches were having a few problems.

I'm hoping to create this lad for my garden.

'Best first time in the field' winner. Sadly the wind had blown over the arch, but we voted for 'Ben - 01'

Another favourite! 

A visit to Tamborine Mountain never disappoints. Today's temperature, the marvellous scarecrows and the wonderful company of my friend Jocelyn, made today perfect!

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  1. All the scarecrows are absolutely wonderful! Such creativity! Thanks for sharing your photographs.

    1. It is amazing that they come up with new creations each year.

  2. I love them all-- but particularly the wheel barrows, the horse, and good ol' Cookie Monster! Leaves and flowers popping out all over!!

    1. They all brought a big smile to the face!

  3. So much to enjoy in this post, Helen.

    The blooms are wonderful. So many everywhere! The heat and humidity like that this early in the season? I fear for the summer for you!

    I hope you can visit your family here soon. Your arms must be aching for their special hugs!

    1. I'm pleased to report Marie, that after storms and heavy rain on THursday and Friday, the 'perfect' weather returned. Most unusal but I am loving it.
      We are now very hopeful for a May / June visit to PEI.

  4. Peoples' imaginations ran wild creating those scarecrows! They are great! No doubt they bring smiles to many faces including mine!

  5. I'm glad they added to your smiles Alexandra. It was a very happy visit.

  6. There are definitely some creative people. I especially thought the wheelbarrow people were unusual.

    Your landscape is so lush and beautiful. It's interesting to see as we enter the starkness of late fall and winter around here.

    I see that you are planning a trip to see your family. I hope that can happen. I can't imagine!

  7. My favourite was "Don't drink and fly!" :)

  8. I'm enthralled by the flowers AND those amazing scarecrows! I love the look on the grooms face in the wedding tableau.