Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Lower Beechmont Conservation Park

 Tuesday 23 November

The forecast for Monday was for heavy rain and possible flooding all day. All we received were a few scuds that hardly wet the ground. Tuesday's forecast didn't really concern the Gaiter Girls, as we set off early, up the Beechmont, mountain road to our starting point. 

The morning was cloudy and very humid. It rained prior to our arrival.  Looking through the trees and across the valley, we could see a dark grey mass heading our way. Would it divert or fizzle out? We aren't concerned by showers so continued climbing upwards to the 'glorious views' mentioned in our notes. 

Views? What views?

The trail then descended to the valley floor and Clagiraba Creek. This little gully was flowing nicely.

The shower caught us up. We covered our packs and raised our umbrellas. Thankfully it was short lived.

On reaching the narrow valley floor, there was a choice of turning onto the right or left trail. Consulting our map we decided going right would allow us to complete a circuit.

From here on we were delighted by every step of the way. 
Causeway No 1, covered with rushing water from the overnight rain. So lovely to have the stepping stones. The dripping rainforest, glistening leaves, birdsong was overwhelmingly beautiful.

Causeway No 2

At times the sunlight found a gap in the cloud mass and intensified the shimmering green leaves.

Causeway No 3

View to the R.

Close up.

View to the left.

It was our lucky day. Cecilia lives locally and was out on her morning walk. We got chatting and she offered to take us along her favourite part of the creek. We about turned, recrossed our 3 causeways and and then crossed another 4 or 5. 

Cecilia leading the way. 
Absolutely spectacular, joyful walking of every step!

Our turn around point and farewell to Cecilia who continued home up  the steep side of the valley.

A lovely sight on an open grassy stretch.

Our return ascent commences.

Listen to the constant sounds of the Aussie bush throughout summer, which accompanied us back up the trail.

We have vowed to return. 

Wednesday however brought the deluges predicted for Monday and as I write this morning, heavy rain is again falling. The creek would be a raging torrent. The Meterorologists are warning that this will be the pattern for summer.

The Hungry Hikers had a similar day planned for yesterday [Wed].  At 5 am the rain was so heavy we quickly called a 'snuggle up with your book' day. With 60 mm falling in 12 hours, it was the correct call. 

Our view during the rain.

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  1. So nice to see your summer photos. Hopefully this rain will mean less fires.

  2. Your adventure made me smile--- Also remembered a time when I rode a motorcycle onto a water crossing like that one and tipped over. That was a long time ago.

  3. So green, so lush, so beautiful along that hiking route! But that rain you are getting, that's lots! Rain has been making the news here in Canada on both the west and east coast. It has fallen in unprecedented amounts. There is a new terminology for it "Atmospheric River"!

  4. I still miss seeing the rainforests really come alive in your summer, they were not as good when we were there in your winter

  5. It's always good to get the local perspective! I also loved the glimpse of the kangaroos. I'm always in favor of a snuggle up with your book day.

  6. How nice to have those stepping stones and a special guide. Good photo of you soaking your tootsies, Helen! All that rain was definitely a book day.