Wednesday, 22 September 2021

A Taste of Spring

 Wednesday 22 September

The Hungry Hikers made their annual visit to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers this week. The change in altitude to Toowoomba [600m], makes a quite dramatic difference. Here, near the coast, there are few signs that spring is approaching. In fact, the dry conditions of the past month, is rapidly turning our lawns to brown and few people have 'spring like' gardens. Native shrubs are the order of the day. They are beautiful in their own way, but the colour explosion we experienced on our arrival, had us ecstatic immediately.

Queens Park

Laurel Bank Park

The theme in Laurel Bank's main garden this year, is dinosaurs. Our Ben loves them, so it was quite necessary for me to take many photos here. Unfortunately the images of the dinosaurs in the garden beds weren't as obvious as in previous years, even from the viewing platform.

The big kids enjoying themselves. 

Granny saving a dinosaur from a meteor.

 I fell in love with these delightful plant signs.

The hike.

The most enoromus, delicious, home made burger was served at The Chocolate Shop at Highfields, just outside Toowoomba. Unusually, no Chocolate was bought. We were just too content and full.

  Spring Bluff Station.                                      

A perfect day!

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  1. AN amazing amount of flowers for the first of spring! Beautiful!! I want the T Rex for the backyard.

  2. Un gran diseño, para un precioso jardín. Es maravilloso pasear por él.

    Feliz otoño

  3. Ahhh…spring. I am so envious. Glorious blooms! However we had a glorious day today with a gentle breeze. Fall has started well.

    1. You have glorious blooms through spring and summer, Marie but I do understand your envy. Your winter is so long!

  4. WOW! What a burst of beauty! I wonder what your spring will bring as I wonder what our autumn will be like. I am eyeing your friend's peach/orange coloured jacket, very nice!

    1. It certainly was Andra. That however is our spring. Your autumn is certainly looking spectcular.

  5. Oh my gosh! How lovely - so many beautiful blooms!

  6. The flowers are so gorgeous. What a burst of colour.