Monday, 9 August 2021

Jumpers and Jazz, Warwick

Saturday 17 July

This year, 2 weekends prior to this outing, we had plans to visit a more local Knitfest. A 3 day Covid Lockdown put paid to that.

A return to Warwick's Jumper and Jazz was then a must. A glorious blue sky day greeted us, along with chilly westerlie winds, that unfortunately caused damage to some displays.

This year's theme was 'Crackers'. 
A difficult one I thought, but as in past years, we were amazed by the creative takes on this word. Christmas crackers and firecrackers were numerous threads, but so creatively presented. A normally 15 min walk along both sides of the main street took us a wonderful 4 hours. 

On arrival, we had coffee in the park listening to jazz bands. The street bordering the park had displays created by local schools and daycare centres and then, with a right turn we were in the main street. 

I hope you are able to read the story behind this inaugural exhibit by Warwick's Australia Post.

The exhibit below was supurb and had us stopped in our tracks very early in the morning, trying to take in all the details.

"Live, love, laugh, dream" - spectacular!

Bollards and trees had new clothing.

This chair and 'potplant' was outside a dress shop.

A poignant reflection.

It certainly was a 'cracker of a day'.

"Fire cracker fun" - St Mary's Pre-School.

Thought of you, Mary of 'The Mountains are Calling', blog.

The creators of this display are certainly not crackers!

Memories of childhood fireworks in the backyard, recalled with this 'Big Banger'!

A visit to the local Art Gallery is always special. This knitted / croqueted living room of the 60's was an amazing replica of that era. Again childhood memories came flooding back. The knitted ducks on the wall, the TV test pattern, style of chairs, macrame hanging plant stand, tall cigarette ash tray, the stereo and the list goes on. Mind boggling hand crafted detail on every piece.

Also in the gallery - The Jangles Quartet.

The tree of life - Sadly I can't quite recall its actual title, but it was a stunning exhibit.

A late lunch at Bryson Place, before we commenced our 3 hour journey home. We will happily return next year.

This display was on the cafe counter. A lovely touch was that each table had a small vase of flowers with scarf.

This is just a glimpse of the many awesome displays. I hope they have thrilled you as much as they did us. Apparently there is a ballot for a tree just 3 months prior to this event. The theme for the year is only announced then. One can't help but be impressed by this annual community spirit and creativity. 

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  1. So much to take in here. Love the response of the community. I can understand why the walk through took four hours! Such creativity! Wonderful!

  2. It is quite amazing, Marie. You might also enjoy my 2018 visit.

  3. There must be something in the air that makes so much fun happen there. Delightful.

  4. Wow I've never seen so many yarn bombs! So colorful and creative all of them.

  5. Yes, it is quite mind boggling. All the ideas and then the perfect creations, by so many. I loved how Aus Post got on board.

  6. That is quite a colorful festival! What a fun outing!