Friday, 4 June 2021

Gatton Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Field Day

 Sunday May 2nd

It was by chance that I heard about this marvellous event. A friend rang to say hello two weeks before the date, as we hadn't been in contact for several months. When we tried to make a date, she mentioned that this weekend was out because they were camping at the Gatton Showgrounds, for four days, to attend. My ears pricked up, details learnt, phone calls made and Joc, Jan and Tony were delighted to join me.

With our country backgrounds, we were enthralled from our arrival at 8am until our departure at 3pm. 

On our arrival, the coffee van was situated beside the horse shoeing pavillion. A competition was running here all day. Two blacksmiths had to forge a shoe for the horse and a display shoe. The farrier had to clean, trim, and shape the hoof in readiness for fitting the shoe. The time limit was 90 mins. There would have been at least 4 rounds of three horses being shod and an overall winner announced at the end of the day.

We stood  spell bound for the full 90 minutes of the first competition of the day and checked in from time to time to watch the other competitors. It was wonderful to chat with the friendly, local visitors who answered all our questions and shared their stories of their involvment with these gentle giants. A cold cloudy day with a light shower or two, but the sweat was constantly dripping from the faces of the blacksmiths as they repeatedly heated and hammered their length of iron into shape.

Final rasping and job done!

The ploughing events on the opposite side of the main arena, brought back memories of my early childhood and my father working his horses.

A variety of events were being held in the main ring, throughout the day.
Obstacle courses, breed judging, dressage, barrel racing, horse in harness, log snigging, lady and gentleman drivers, pony and light horse turnouts and so many more.

The Driven Concours D'Elegance was won by Drayhorse Shires and their impressive pair, Ingleside Fleur De Lys and Muwarra Hercules.

The Grand Parade was led by the Light Horse troops and was a wonderful opportunity to see all these magnificent animals together.

Assorted events photos.

The local owner of a mule farm gave a very enthusiastic talk of his love for this animal.

Just 18 months old!

Another sensational day out with friends, down under!

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  1. What a marvelous time you must have had. I envy you.

  2. I get excited seeing horses in the fields. This must have been quite an experience! Fantastic photos as usual, Helen. Such noble creatures!

  3. Such beauties! Stay well, dear Helen! 💚🌳🤗

  4. They most certainly are, Sara.

  5. I'm not necessarily a horse enthusiast, but these creatures are magnificent. Looks like a wonderful outing!

  6. Beautiful animals! I wonder what that sled thing is in two photos, Helen (one pink)? Looks like you had a fun day.

  7. The sled or horse drawn 'slide' as I knew it on the farm, was basic equipment to move farm items, ie bales of hay, milk cans, rolls of barb wire, fencing posts etc. My Dad used one up until 1960 when he purchased a tractor. The ones shown here are a replica size for these events.