Friday, 11 June 2021

Flinders Peak

Tuesday 25 May

It was time to climb a mountain again. Our destination was Flinders Peak, just over an hour from our homes. As we neared, Finders Peak dominated the skyline.

A most unusual occurence to see a road divided to save a tree. We wondered about its history which allowed it to survive the bulldozer.

Soon after, the road narrowed to a bush track.

Coffee was enjoyed on our arrival, surrounded by rocky crags and thick forest.

We were joined by several brush tail, rock wallabies.

My keen companions of the day, Mary and Rachel. Let's go! - 9.20 am.

The climb commenced immediately. Looking back to the carpark.

Our destination.

The lower trail.

Spot Mary.

One third of the way up, the sensational views of the day began to appear.

The challenging trail.

Getting closer and unknown to us, the worst was done. Spot Mary.

Rest stops and views.

Super excited that I had reached the summit. Some of the rock scrambling challenged my mental reactions, not my physical fitness. It was a real buzz. A most perfect winter's day for this assault.

The glorious flower stalk of our native Grass Tree, with the vast view to the east.

The flower stalk was abuzz with bees and ants.

The views as we descended, towards [L to R] Mt Lindasey, Mt Maroon, Mt Barney.

West and a steep gravelly trail, that required great care not to slip over.

A nasty drop here.

NE - Brisbane city skyline

The clarity of the sky and our bush 'blues' were  quite intense and breath taking.

Not far to go.

Perhaps another day - Mt Blaine hiking track.

The magic flora of the Aussie bush. [Grass trees]

This trail gave physical challenge, glorious views, and an awesome sense of achievement. The day was even more special, as we hiked to the sounds of the local birds. Few were spotted but their chorous was constant.

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  1. You and your companions are truly amazing.

    1. Staying fit for as long as we can, Bill. So much beauty to explore.

  2. Loved the bird sounds. And that view was glorious. You are in excellent condition to tackle and conquer that mountain.

    I love seeing the wallabies. I wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from kangaroos I’m afraid. And that vegetation is so interesting. I would take forever to examine each item.

    Thanks for taking us along.

    1. You are not alone in making the identification between wallaby and kangaroo. Basically the kangaroo is taller, stronger and coloured in reddish browns or gray.
      I'm always at the back of the pack as I savour my surroundings.

  3. Helen, I was confused at the June 25th date! Was this a June 1 hike? So HARD! That rocky section would have done me in. Also, I would have been thinking "snakes". I love the slender Grass Tree and so do the bees.

  4. Thank you Barb, the date has been amended, May.
    The climb was rated 'difficult' and I think that is a better descriptor than 'hard'. It was a glorious winter's day to take the challenge. I would worry more about a bear or moose meeting than a snake encounter. Also it is our 'winter' so they are supposedly in hibernation. This climb would be far too hot for me in summer.

  5. Beautiful weather and such beautiful images. Your hike looks tough though and y'all are so energetic, lively and like conquerors to complete it successfully. I love hiking as well but if the weather is bit too hot it's a mess, though I enjoy it if I get an opportunity to hike in different terrains.

  6. That was quite the journey to get to a great destination! Conquering the tougher ones to me feels much more rewarding. Great job Helen on that journey!

  7. I love the wallabies! I want one. So weird to see a winter hike with no bundled up people.